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Heidi Zorn

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Heidi L. Zorn is an entrepreneur and equestrian from Salt Lake City, Utah who has dedicated her life to developing affordable arena solutions that are safe and beneficial to the horse. Heidi’s passion for horses and experience in show jumping began at the early age of 12. She competed in both hunters and jumpers as a junior rider. She receive many awards and championships along with 3 AHSA Hunt Seat Equitation Medals, which qualified her for the Madison Square Gardens Finals.

In her early 30’s she converted to dressage. Her passion for this discipline guided her to invent a variety of equestrian products that are innovative, safe and affordable. “It all started when I wanted to have my own little white fence dressage arena, but the price at that time was far more than I could afford. So, I decided to make one for myself.” states Zorn. After designing and developing safety features, and finding durable materials safe for horses, her new dressage arena, called the Classic Arena, was a fraction of the price.

In 2000 Heidi co-founded Premier Equestrian and her new dressage arena designs blazed the path for many more innovative equestrian products to follow. In 2005, Heidi released the revolutionary Brentina Arena, named after Debbie McDonald’s famous mount. This unique arena brought a new standard of safety to the  international dressage community, while maintaining the elegance and beauty needed for high level competition.

In 2006 Heidi was driven by personal tribulations with her own horses to investigate equine biomechanics, and how the surfaces that we ride on affect our horses’ soundness.  She worked diligently with industry professionals to learn more about what makes a superior riding surface. Through her research and trials, Heidi designed a line of footing additives and arena grooming equipment that can accommodate almost any budget. Today, Premier Equestrian is one of the industry leaders for synthetic arena surfaces and arena groomers. In 2017 the company earned the designation as the Official Footing Supplier for US Equestrian.

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