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Get the Edge on Maintaining A Top Quality Riding Arena with Premier Equestrian’s New Advanced Premier Groomer

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Sandy, Utah (September 25, 2015)— Premier Equestrian, an industry leader in providing outstanding arena footing and equipment, is pleased to announce the release of the new, upgraded version of the Premier Groomer. The company is committed to providing safe and functional products by putting the horse’s well being first. Premier Equestrian’s arena groomer is a highly advanced system for horse arena grooming, containing all of the features necessary to maintain an elite arena with superior footing.

Though originally designed for textile arenas, this highly efficient and easy-to-operate arena groomer has become a favorite among arena managers for its ability to handle the maintenance requirements of almost any surface type. A high-quality riding surface demands proper maintenance and suitable grooming, and the Premier Groomer is fully equipped to fulfill these demands.

“There are three major ingredients you need to have a great riding surface,” states Premier Equestrian President, Heidi Zorn. “The first ingredient is arena surface qualities— which may include sand and an additive. The second ingredient is water, and the ability to water. The last ingredient is arena grooming and the proper equipment to do so. When all of these components are in place making an integral system, one can achieve a high-end riding surface.”

The Premier Groomer consistently churns and blends textile arenas, mixes and levels crumb rubber, breaks up the most difficult surfaces such as compacted footing, and can even be used for tilling pastures and road maintenance. The Premier Groomer will break, mix, fluff, level, and finish arenas in one pass, making it an extremely versatile piece— necessary for any type of farm.

“Our Premier Groomer can be pulled with a three-point hitch, or a tongue and Ratchet-Jack can be attached to enable an ATV, lawn tractor, or any other type of vehicle that does not possess a three-point hitch,” explains Zorn. “ This allows our Premier Groomer to be extremely versatile for small farms or weekend shows, where large equipment is not an option.”

New features enhance the capabilities of the Premier Groomer’s forward-thinking grooming features not found on competing products. These features include the new Adjustable Leveling Bar™ and Arena Edger™.

The new Adjustable Leveling Bar™ can be set forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally from right and left. This advancement in technology makes it possible to move footing where desired. For example, setting the Adjustable Leveling Bar™ on a diagonal will pull a buildup of material over and back into the track. When mixing textile into an arena, moving the Adjustable Leveling Bar™ backward will prevent the textile from getting stuck in the tines.

“Another great feature is our Arena Edger™,” Zorn states. This feature can be used to break down side mounds and level an arena to the very outside edge. “No more raking excess footing from the rail edge. This attachment will glide easily along any edge and fold excess material in helping to avoid ruts in the rail.”

Perfect for tilling, mixing, leveling, and compacting arena footing, the Premier Groomer contains more features than competing models, saving users both time and money. It is available in 5’, 6’, and 7’ widths with or without the Arena Edger™ upgrade and the Tongue & Ratchet-Jack Attachment. The Premier Groomer is a high quality value comprised of all the great features of arena groomers, yet at only one third of the industry’s typical cost.

For more information on all Premier Equestrian products, including horse arena footing, dressage arenas, horse jumps and stable accessories, visit their website at or call 800-611-6109.

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