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Game-Changing Linda Parelli Master Class Sets Participants up for Success in Riding and Life

By June 8, 2017March 25th, 2020No Comments

Sandy, UT (June 8, 2017) — If you think you already know everything there is to know about Parelli horsemanship– it may be time to think again. This July, world-renowned trainer and horsemanship expert Linda Parelli has teamed up with leading footing and arena company Premier Equestrian to offer a game-changing clinic unlike any the equestrian world has seen yet.

Set to take place in Salt Lake City, Utah July 8th-9th, the exclusive one-time event will inspire and empower participants to ride to the next level in their horsemanship by supplying them with powerful tools for creating success in the saddle that spills over into every aspect of life.

World-renowned trainer and horsemanship expert Linda Parelli has teamed up with Premier Equestrian to bring the upcoming Linda Parelli Master Class to Salt Lake City, Utah this July 8th-9th (Photo Courtesy of Coco Baptist)

Sometimes referred to as the “Tony Robbins” of the equestrian world, Linda Parelli has been recognized across the globe for her innovative and inspirational psychology-based approach to horse training. Embracing the power of equine psychology, leadership, and effective communication techniques, Parelli’s clinics have delivered undeniable results for many a horseperson, helping them transform their equine relationship into a powerful, working partnership.

At the Utah Master Class event, attendees will go beyond the basics of good horsemanship to develop powerful skills to become more mentally and emotionally in tune with their equine partners. Building upon the foundation of the well-known Parelli “Seven Games”, attendees will explore and tackle some of the main barriers that prevent many horse-and-rider pairs from reaching their fullest potential.

The class promises to dive into several key topics, including: how to predict and effectively respond to problem behavior; understanding a horse’s basic needs and how to use this knowledge to encourage desired results; and how to properly develop one’s seat, aids, and riding position to encourage, rather than discourage, mental engagement on behalf of one’s horse.

“Linda shows you that you have the power to change things you thought were beyond your control- and that’s the real game changer,” explained Premier Equestrian president, Heidi Zorn. “The tools and confidence you gain through the Master Class will no doubt change your riding- and your life. These skills can be applied to create success with just about anything- with your horse, but also with your career, your relationships with other people, and with yourself.”

In addition to building up an arsenal of psychological tools, cultivating effective leadership and communication skills, and improving riding position and technique, attendees of the event will develop a greater sense of empowerment through hands-on goal setting, problem solving, and creating positive results- in and out of the saddle.

“My goal for the Master Class is that everyone will leave with a renewed sense of confidence in their riding, but moreover, of confidence in themselves- in their ability to tackle difficult challenges and win,” explained Parelli.

Premier Equestrian, a proud and enthusiastic supporter of the art of horsemanship, is pleased to be able to bring the event to the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Due to its popularity, all rider spots for the event have been filled, but opportunities to audit the event are still available. For those interested in signing up to audit the Linda Parelli Master Class, or for more information about the event, visit www.LindaParelliMasterClass.com or contact Heidi Zorn at 800-611-6109 or heidi@premierequestrian.com.


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