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Dressage Sponsor Steps Out from Behind the Scenes to Ride for First Place and the Premier Equestrian Award

By September 27, 2017March 23rd, 2020No Comments

Lauren Woodruff received the Premier Equestrian award during the Dressage in the Rockies Fall I show at the Colorado Horse Park (Photo courtesy The Colorado Horse Park)

Parker, CO (September 25, 2017) –  When Lauren Woodruff finally took her turn in the spotlight at The Colorado Horse Park, the results were even better than she had expected. Woodruff, owner of the Hillside Center on Perry Park dressage facility, had been a sponsor of The Colorado Horse Park show venue in Parker, Colorado for years before finally going down centerline herself at the recent Dressage in the Rockies Fall I show. She was honored to receive not only the blue ribbon for her Third Level test, but also the Premier Equestrian Award in recognition of her horsemanship, sportsmanship, and contributions to the sport of dressage.

Premier Equestrian, leading producer of innovative arena footing and dressage arenas, is also a sponsor of The Colorado Horse Park dressage competitions. The company presents the Premier Equestrian Award to riders who share Premier Equestrian’s love for the sport and actively give back to dressage. Woodruff seemed a natural selection to receive the award, as supporting her local dressage community always comes first for her.

“The Colorado Horse Park has been such an incredible asset to the Colorado equestrian community,” said Woodruff, who lives in Sedalia, Colorado. “The horse park has played an integral role in promoting the sport of dressage by hosting so many shows. I am a sponsor of The Colorado Horse Park and its efforts to further dressage in the area. We look forward to expanding programming in the coming years. This is my first season competing myself, but I have sponsored our trainers on horses at The Colorado Horse Park for several seasons.”

After seasons of helping others excel at the venue, Woodruff was certainly not disappointed with her own first year in the show ring. “I began showing this season at First Level, so winning my Third Level classes and qualifying for the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Championships was a wonderful way to finish the season! I am so proud of my horse and how far we have grown together in the span of one show season. The best part of my experience was going out with the intention to ride my individual best with no expectations, and coming out as the winner!”

She achieved the winning score with Beinte, her 17-year-old Friesian gelding. “I bought Beinte in November when I decided to get serious in dressage, and he has taught me so much! Beinte is amazing. He is a wonderful teacher at home, but at the shows he really loves to show off. He gives me his all in each test and sometimes more than I can handle! He is so funny.”

A former jumper and polo player, Woodruff decided to take up dressage when she purchased her horse farm, the Hillside Center, four years ago. “I recognized a direct need for devoted dressage training barns in the area. It was a natural fit for our facility and we have been growing within the sport ever since! I continue to train dressage because I absolutely love the challenge it presents in the training and the advantage it gives me in other disciplines.”

Woodruff’s business has taken off since she began, and she’s thrilled to have The Colorado Horse Park as a neighbor. “Hillside has truly flourished through some wonderful trainer and clinician relationships, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to being one of the premier dressage facilities in the Denver area. As a small business owner, I am so proud to work with The Colorado Horse Park in promoting dressage and sport horse breeding throughout the area and bringing more visibility to the incredible level of talent that Colorado’s equestrians possess.”

To ensure that the Hillside Center is a top-quality facility, Woodruff uses only the best equipment on the market. This includes arena footing from Premier Equestrian. “The right training surface is incredibly important in maintaining the well-being and soundness of your athlete,” she explained. “We at Hillside use and promote Premier Equestrian products for their great quality and their ability to improve the condition of the existing arena materials.”

Premier Equestrian, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for its revolutionary footing additives that create the perfect riding surface to safely achieve goals in any discipline. To find out more about the Premier Equestrian and the products it offers, call (800) 611-6109 or visit www.premierequestrian.com.


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