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Beth Geier Honored with Premier Equestrian Award after Completing Century Club ride at The Colorado Horse Park

By August 10, 2017March 23rd, 2020No Comments

Premier Equestrian award winner Beth Geier completed her Century Ride aboard her long-time riding partner Matador at the Colorado Horse Park Dressage in the Rockies show series (Photo courtesy the Colorado Horse Park)

Parker, CO (August 10, 2017) – When Beth Geier rode down centerline at the Dressage in the Rockies I, II, III show at The Colorado Horse Park, her love for and dedication to the sport of dressage were evident to everyone watching. Geier was chosen as the show’s recipient of the Premier Equestrian Award, an honor reserved for committed dressage riders who value sportsmanship and horsemanship and actively give back to their sport. The award is presented by Premier Equestrian, trusted manufacturer of world class arena footing and dressage arenas. The company was proud to acknowledge Geier’s accomplishments at the August 4-6 dressage show in Parker, Colorado.

Geier was competing at Dressage in the Rockies for more than a score this past weekend; the 77-year-old rider was also earning her membership to the Century Club. The Century Club is a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) organization for horse and rider pairs whose combined ages equal 100 years or more. To join the club, the horse and rider must perform a scored dressage test at a show or event. Geier competed in the First Level Freestyle at The Colorado Horse Park on her 23-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Matador (Uniform x Edelweiss).

“We had a wonderful Century Ride,” said Geier. The pair has spent the past two decades together, and their partnership was obvious in the show ring. “I got Matador from Holland when he was three years old, and I trained him up through the Prix St. Georges. I earned my USDF Bronze and Silver medals with him. Matador has a heart of gold; he tries so hard.”

Long before Matador, Geier knew that she felt at home in the saddle. She began riding as a child, competing in one show annually and spending the rest of the year running through the woods on horseback with her friends. She then rode in the Norfolk Hunt Club in Dover, Massachusetts, before becoming a junior whip as a teenager. Eventually, she attended the University of Colorado, where she put her riding on pause for 25 years in favor of going to college, getting married, and having children. Ever since she picked up the reins again, Geier has become an avid dressage rider.

“I love the mental challenge of dressage, of trying to get two athletes in harmony with each other. It can be very difficult. I’m an Adult Amateur, so I may not have all the tricks that the professionals have, but I love the sport, no doubt about it.”

To Geier, dressage is about much more than riding. “I like to give back to the sport through volunteering. I’ve been the treasurer of the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society, and I’m now the office manager. I think everyone should give back to the sport that they do – be it skiing, soccer, whatever. We should turn around and volunteer, because the sports always give us so much. They help make you grow as a person, and teach you responsibility, humility, patience, how to interact with other people, and to be kind.”

Premier Equestrian gladly rewarded Geier with the Premier Equestrian Award, happy to give the commemorative ribbon and trophy to someone who embodies the company’s values of giving back to the sport and treating horses and people well. Premier Equestrian works tirelessly to provide the equestrian community with products that can increase the safety and enjoyment of horseback riding, all at affordable prices. The company is dedicated to always increasing its knowledge to continue providing the best products possible. Once again, the love of knowledge is a trait Geier shares.

“I go to all the clinics possible and audit whenever I can – you can never stop learning. I’m 77, and I’m still learning,” Geier said. “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t ride well. I may not ride FEI levels anymore, but I am still learning and riding even better by relaxing my mind and body. I was overwhelmed by the support of my fellow competitors during my Century Ride –  that was huge! And I’m humbled by winning the Premier Equestrian Award.”

Premier Equestrian congratulates Geier and wishes her continued success in the saddle. To find out more about the Premier Equestrian or to request a free catalog, arena footing sample, or arena sand analysis, call (800) 611-6109 or visit www.premierequestrian.com.


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