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Athletex | DIY Installation | Centerstone Stables

By November 14, 2019March 23rd, 2020No Comments

We installed our new Athletex footing combined with this gorgeous sand that was chosen to combine with the Athletex😁. The sand was hauled in from a quarry about 90 miles away which was the closest location this specialty blend of sand could be found at.

This project was one of the biggest projects we’ve undertaken here at the farm, but the results are so worth it & we couldn’t be happier! We’ve included some photos of the final result as well as photos of the process along the way so you can see the progression~ springyspringyfooting

Thanks so much for all your help the arena turned out amazing!!

Love love love it!!

DIY Horse Arena Footing

Taking out the old sand…

Horse Arena Sand Order

And bringing in the new sand!

Install Your Own Arena Footing

Installing the new sand

Athletex Arena Footing

Bales of Athletex

DIY Horse Arena Footing

Mixing in the Athletex

Athletex Horse Arena Footing

Mixing the Athletex

Riding Arena Footing Installation

Almost finished! One more pallet of Athletex to add next week.

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