Premier Pro Lite Groomer

SKU: 5-521C


All the Features You’ll Ever Need

The Pro Lite Groomer will keep up with the requirements of maintaining a larger facility, horse show arena, or racetrack. Premier groomers contain all the features and adjustability you’ll ever need for mixing, maintaining, and perfecting your arena surface. Perfect for all types of footing and safe for the base, landscape liners, and base mats. Great for all disciplines including jumping, dressage, pleasure, and all types of western disciplines.

  • 6′ wide x 68″ long, 750 lbs

  • 24HP tractor minimum required

  • 62″ maximum vehicle wheel width

Horse Arena Groomer
Swivel 3-Point Hitch
S-Tines & Coil Tines
Double Rollers


Swivel 3-Point Hitch: The groomer tracks and swivels behind the tractor, helping to eliminate sand piling into the corners.


Adjustable S-Tines & Coil Tines: Tine bars have adjustable depths and angles, and can be used at the same time or independently. S-Tines dig, lift, mix, fluff, and level the arena surface. Coil Tines create a vibrating action to blend, smooth, finish, fill in grooves, and pack down the surface.


Rollers stabilize and compact Front and rear rollers provide stability, compaction, and prevent tines from digging too deep into the surface. Tines can be pulled up completely to add extra compaction.

PDF Instructions

Arena Grooming – What You Need to Know


Premier Groomer Delivery

Getting your Premier Pro Groomer off the pallet

Premier Mini Pro Groomer hitch assembly

Check the Bolts on your Groomer

Premier Groomer Setup – Things to Consider

Premier Groomer Setup – Protecting Your Base

Premier Groomer Settings

Premier Pro Groomer digging a compacted surface

Rotating Your Chisel Points

Greasing Your Premier Groomer

Premier Groomer Lineup

Premier Standard Groomer