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12 Days of Horse Lovers’ Gift Ideas

By November 2, 2022January 4th, 2024No Comments

We’re giving you a jump on holiday shopping with 12 days of Premier Equestrian gift ideas for all the equestrians in your life! Shop now to ensure products are in stock and to avoid shipping delays.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

East coast order by: West coast order by:
Sundance Dressage Arena, Berkshire Letters Dec 4 Dec 6
Wellington, Brentina, Classic, and Jr Classic Dressage Arenas Nov 13 Nov 13
Jumps, Cavaletti, Mounting Blocks, Stable Equipment Dec 4 Dec 8
Kid Jumps Dec 4 Dec 4
Custom Stable Equipment Nov 27 Nov 27

Availability is subject to stock on hand. Freight trucks are very volatile and we can not guarantee the delivery times of the Freight Carriers.

two white horse jump blocks

Cavaletti Riser Blocks

These Cavaletti Riser Blocks are made with HDPE and designed to resist the wear and tear common with wood alternatives. They’re extra heavy and can hold the ground rail at the required 8” or 12” height. Available in sets of 8 or 12. Poles sold separately. SHOP NOW!

horse eating grain from a slow feeder

Gradual Feeder

The innovative design of this Gradual Feeder helps to slow down consumption of hard feed. Allows a natural eating position which prevents scoffing and gulping. The 12 feeding basins are 2″ deep and can hold up to 2 large scoops of feed. SHOP NOW!

Arena with Hydro Keep in the sand

Premier Hydro-Keep

Premier Hydro-Keep is a safe, non-toxic chemical crystal that can reduce your arena watering by 50%! The crystal expands when wet, absorbing and retaining water. Over time as the soil dries, the crystal contracts, gradually releasing water and hydrating the surrounding area. SHOP NOW!

three step mounting block

Mounting Blocks

We offer three styles of Mounting Blocks: 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step. All styles are lightweight, strong, and affordable. Easy to carry, these blocks are perfect for mounting, grooming, and any barn or household chore. SHOP NOW!

Berkshire Dressage Letters

Berkshire Dressage Arena Letters

These beautiful Berkshire Dressage Arena Letters are one of our best-sellers! Molded in one piece using high-density polyethylene, these dressage letters are UV-stabilized and won’t fade in the sun. A bottom plate allows you to add sand to stabilize them in the wind. Stack them up when not in use; anti-suction tabs prevent them from sticking together. SHOP NOW!

Horse running on arena sand that has arena clear in it


ArenaClear is a safe and easy-to-use agricultural product developed to help you handle dust problems in your indoor and outdoor riding arenas, round-pens, paddocks, and stalls. ArenaClear also helps reduce the amount of water needed to keep dust down by as much as 50-60%, saving you time, money, and labor, and leaving more time to ride. SHOP NOW!


Quick Cavaletti

Cavaletti work benefits horses and riders at all levels and stages of experience. This Quick Cavaletti offers easy set up with a variety of heights. You can even set a low grid or bounce workout. Sold in pairs, these Cavaletti work with a 3.5″–4″ round poles or 3.5” square posts. Poles sold separately. SHOP NOW!

burlingham horse jump schooling standards

Burlingham Sports Schooling Standards

These 5-foot and 6-foot schooling standards are sturdy, lightweight, and maintenance free! They are designed with solid slide-through pinholes or can be upgraded to metal tracks for pinless jump cups. SHOP NOW!

Dressage Rail Letter HG

Dressage Arena Rail & Wall Letters

Our collection of Dressage Arena Wall & Rail Letters are all silk-screened and UV-treated. Rail and wall letters attach to the rails of any Premier Equestrian dressage arena or equine fencing. Available in sets of 8 or 12 or as singles. SHOP NOW!

Horse next to Slow Dust control product

Slow Dust

Slow Dust helps to reduce arena dust and watering, as well as improve the performance of your footing. Slow Dust is a flocculant and is safe for horse and rider. Moisture will be retained and the need to water your arena can be reduced by 50%. SHOP NOW!

Burlingham Sports Jump Flower Boxes

Burlingham Sports Jump Flower Boxes

These lovely Jump Flower Boxes are decorative and blend form and function. Each flower box has an easy carry hand grip and recessed holes for flowers. Flower boxes are sold in pairs, and are available in 12 colors, with or without flowers. SHOP NOW!

red horse jump cavaletti blocks

Riser Max Jump Blocks

The Riser Max Jump Block is designed with modern styling that features a peg-in-hole stacking feature. This makes these jump blocks more secure, stable and versatile than anything you have used before. Stack the Riser Max Jump Blocks in nearly an unlimited variety of positions and configurations! SHOP NOW!

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