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Premier Equestrian & ReiTex Lay Down The Foundation To Help Girls Conquer Life With Bridle Up Hope

Premier Equestrian & ReiTex Lay Down The Foundation To Help Girls Conquer Life With Bridle Up Hope

The girls at Bridle Up Hope gathering together on their new OTTO-Rei-Tex footing. (Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian)

Alpine, UT (September 21, 2018) – When Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian first heard of Bridle Up Hope, she was beyond enthusiastic about the chance to give their horses the best foundation to help their riders long term. When the challenge of providing the perfect footing for the facility’s new indoor arose, Zorn was up to the task of obtaining the right product. Zorn and the team at Premier Equestrian went a step further and came up with an exceptional footing from Germany and the resources to make it achievable to get the footing to Bridle Up Hope.

Premier Equestrian is the Official North American distributor for OTTO Sport, the makers of OTTO-ReiTex – a unique high-tech footing product that requires practically zero maintenance. “It actually brings tears to my eyes to see what they do for these young women. I myself was a wayward child, and if it wasn’t for horses my life may have been very different. Horses save a lot of people,” said Zorn as to why she is part of the team behind Bridle Up Hope.

Premier had provided their proprietary Athletex footing mix for the outdoor arenas at Bridle Up Hope; however, for Bridle Up Hope’s new indoor arena, which attaches to a barn, offices and yoga studio, they needed something that required as little maintenance as possible and had even less dust then any sand additive footing. OTTO-ReiTex was the perfect solution as it is a waterless footing that requires almost zero upkeep. “Being in Utah in the winter we can’t really water the arenas because it will freeze,” said Premier’s president Heidi Zorn, so OTTO-ReiTex makes the arenas functional all year long. “The biggest advantage is the lack of dust, especially since the arena is connected to the rest of the offices, and barn. It’s mostly inexperienced riders, so in case of a fall it offers a little more cushion for them,” said Steve Mills of S&S Barns, the builder for the new arena and barn at Bridle Up Hope. The team at Premier Equestrian and OTTO Sport were honored to be able to donate a portion of the cost to get this ideal footing from Germany to the Bridle Up Hope facility in Alpine, Utah.

Bridle Up Hope is a nonprofit organization focused on transforming the lives of girls, ages 12-25, who struggle with all variety of mental and emotional challenges. The program is 14 weeks of hands-on learning about horse care and riding, and developing life skills through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, which are naturally integrated throughout the riding lessons and serve as the foundation of the program curriculum. The majority of young women that come through the program lack connection, whether it be with family, siblings or friends, and through their newfound connection with the horses they re-connect with others and gain a new perspective on life. Once the girls complete the 14-week program they are celebrated and honored at an Advancement Ceremony, where they receive a professional photo shoot with their favorite horse, a digital photo book, videos of them on horseback, a Hawaiian lei, and a certificate honoring their hard work.

Just as riders study, practice, and perfect their skills in the saddle, Premier Equestrian takes no short cuts in creating world-class footing surfaces. Premier Equestrian prioritizes the health and safety of equine athletes and has been studying how arena surfaces impact equine biomechanics for over a decade. All Premier Equestrian’s premium-grade footing materials are expertly developed and thoroughly tested to assure consistency and superior quality. The company also offers free consultations and sand analysis reports so riders of all levels can create the perfect combination of materials for optimum riding surfaces. For more information on Premier Equestrian, or to request a free catalog, a free arena-footing sample or sand analysis, please call 800-611-6109 or-visit www.PremierEquestrian.com.

Premier Equestrian Puts a Halt to Dusty Arenas With Innovative New Footing Product, “WHOA Dust™”

Premier Equestrian Puts a Halt to Dusty Arenas With Innovative New Footing Product, “WHOA Dust™”

WHOA Dust arena dust control

Premier Equestrian has added WHOA Dust™ to its lineup of innovative footing and arena products (Photo courtesy JRPR- no photo credit necessary)

Salt Lake City, UT (November 6, 2017) — Premier Equestrian is at it again – adding to its comprehensive lineup of innovative arena products designed to make equestrians’ and horses’ lives easier, simpler, and more hassle-free. This time, the company has tackled an age-old arena problem- and offered up a brilliant solution that is at once simple, technologically advanced, and surprisingly cost effective. The company has recently become the United States distributor of WHOA Dust™, a scientifically formulated footing product that decreases dust, retains moisture, and creates a firmer and more rideable surface for any riding discipline.

Some dust can actually be an important part of footing because it binds together the sand particles, helping to create a less loose surface. However, too much dust is not only a nuisance, but creates a slippery surface when wet and a very hard dusty surface when dry which negatively affects the horse’s biomechanics, and can be hazardous for you and your horse’s health.

“If you can water your arena enough, minimal dust usually isn’t an issue,” explained Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian. “But it becomes a problem if you can’t water enough or if the water dries up too quickly and creates excessive dust. Inhaling small particles is never good for your horses, and it’s also not good for you.”

WHOA Dust provides a simple solution to this problem by keeping the ideal amount of dust in the footing while keeping excess dust out of the air- and, best of all, it’s completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The product is made of a polymer similar to the material that contact lenses are made of, and works in an arena in a similar way. Just like a contact lens can absorb a huge amount of moisture in the eye, the polymer in WHOA Dust absorbs a huge amount of water in an arena, retains it, and then re-releases it into the surface over time. This allows for a drastic decrease in the need for watering.

“You just have to put a little light sprinkle on it periodically, depending on the climate, and it will retain that moisture for a longer period of time,” said Zorn.

Over time, the sand particles in footing break down from horses’ hoofs, tractors, and just plain old degradation. Each time the footing particles break, little pieces eventually become tiny dust particles small enough to become airborne.

“That’s why old surfaces that have been in a place for 20, 30, or 40 years are so dusty – the horses’ hooves have pulverized the footing into dust. WHOA Dust rejuvenates old footing by binding those dust particles back together and keeping them from floating up into the air. Binding the footing material together with the polymer also keeps the footing from being slippery or wiggly.”

So how does WHOA Dust work? As Zorn explains, the product actually puts a coating on the fine dust particles and gathers them together. “You can see the actual thread when you look at it under a microscope. The polymer actually sews the little particles together with that thread.”

Applying WHOA Dust to an arena so it can work its magic is surprisingly easy to do. The product comes in granular form, and is applied in the same way that one would apply a lawn fertilizer, with a fertilizer spreader. “It doesn’t take much- for an average sized dressage arena, about 10 pounds is all you will need,” said Zorn. “We recommend that you refresh it with two to three more pounds every six months.”

Perfect for all riding disciplines, WHOA Dust is an effective way to clear dust while adding moisture and stability to an arena. To learn more about WHOA Dust and revamp a riding arena with this advanced new product, visit http://premierequestrian.com/horse-arena-footing/whoa-dust.

Premier Equestrian also offers many other innovative footing solutions, attractive dressage arenas, revolutionary arena groomers, and a wide variety of barn and rider accessories. For more information about Premier Equestrian and its products, please call 1-800-611-6109 or visit www.PremierEquestrian.com.

Premier Equestrian’s ArenaAid Tops List of Best Selling Arena Footing Products

Premier Equestrian’s ArenaAid Tops List of Best Selling Arena Footing Products

ArenaAid footing additive is Premier Equestrian's best seller

Premier Equestrian’s ArenaAid footing additive has quickly become a popular choice among equestrians due to its versatility and high value (Photo courtesy Premier Equestrian, no photo credit necessary

Sandy, UT (April 25, 2017) –Well-known footing and arena company Premier Equestrian has a new star among its lineup of top-notch equestrian products. ArenaAid, one of the brand’s most popular arena footing additives, has recently topped the bill of best-selling products for the company. The additive is quickly becoming a consumer and competitor favorite across disciplines, attracting attention for it’s high value and exceptional versatility. ArenaAid has been installed in the riding arenas of top professional riders, including dressage Olympians Steffen Peters and Laura Graves, dressage trainers David Blake and Sahar Hirosh, Olympic eventer Gina Miles and noted hunter competition judge Page Tredennick.

The additive packs a powerful punch of key factors that enhance a riding surface’s quality, including increased cushion, cupping, rebound, grip, and moisture retention. The textile-based additive contains a unique formula of nylon and polyester fibers that can be blended with a wide variety of new or existing sands. The blended fibers act as a stabilizer in sand by trapping loose, rolling particles to give the footing better structure. Additionally, the fibers work to reduce dust and decrease the need for watering by holding moisture at the arena’s surface. ArenaAid mixes well with most sands, making it an ideal solution for budget-conscious arena owners who can’t afford to compromise on quality.

For dressage trainer Sahar Hirosh, ArenaAid was the perfect solution to transform his existing footing into a world-class, professional riding surface. Hirosh had been struggling with dusty, dry footing that required watering three times a day to keep it in rideable condition. When he came to Premier Equestrian with his problem, the company examined his existing arena sand and recommended adding ArenaAid to keep the footing moist for longer and keep dust to a minimum. While Hirosh was traveling in Europe, Premier installed the additive in his footing, and the results were unquestionable.

“Premier’s solution, ArenaAid, was very affordable, and now I water my arena with the automatic sprinklers only one time each day and drag it one time. It was amazing what they did,” recollected Hirosh.

ArenaAid was also installed in the outdoor riding arena of Olympian dressage star Laura Graves, in combination with another Premier footing additive, ProTex®. Graves consulted with Premier Equestrian to find a solution for some lingering issues in her existing arena, and the company worked with Graves to design a solution specifically to meet her riding and training needs.

In addition to making for a cleaner, lower-maintenance riding surface, ArenaAid can breathe new life into old footing by increasing several factors that support a horse’s natural biomechanics. The textile additive increases cushion, which absorbs the force exerted by a horse’s footfall, as well as provides rebound, which reflects the energy of the horse’s step back upward, helping to propel it forward in a continuous motion. The stabilization created by the ArenaAid fibers also increases grip, keeping the horse’s feet from slipping and maximizing the efficiency of its overall forward motion.

Just as top human athletes in sports such as basketball and football need ideal equipment to promote performance and lessen injuries, equine athletes also need the best quality footing. With that in mind, Premier Equestrian formulates a variety of arena products for equine needs, getting horses onto discipline-specific, ideal surfaces to promote equine fitness and prolong careers.

Now the official footing supplier of US Equestrian, Premier Equestrian is proud to be a longtime supporter of Florida’s Adequan Global Dressage Festival, and will also be supporting the Colorado Horse Park Summer in the Rockies show series. The company has provided dressage arenas for top competitions such as the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, the U.S. Dressage Finals, and the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Its arena footing is also installed at The Del Mar National horse show.

Premier Equestrian also offers a wide array of equestrian products, including dressage arenas, letters, accessories, and maintenance-free jumps and poles. The company also offers a wide variety of audio systems, barn equipment, horse toys, and more. You can learn more about footing’s effects on a horse’s biomechanics and ways to improve an existing arena in the Premier Equestrian footing arena surfaces guide. For more information about ArenaAid, Premier Equestrian, or to request a free catalog, arena-footing sample, or arena-sand analysis, please call (800) 611-6109) or visit www.PremierEquestrian.com.

Premier Equestrian Laura Graves Makes Every Step Count

Premier Equestrian Laura Graves Makes Every Step Count

Premier Equestrian Laura Graves Makes Every Step Count

Laura Graves, aboard her Verdades, achieved two stellar scores of 80 percent in the Grand Prix at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival

Sandy, UT (March 20, 2017) – Laura Graves, currently ranked Number 4 in the FEI World Individual Dressage Rankings after earning two stellar scores of 80 percent in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida this winter, has added yet another well-deserved honor to her growing list of accolades. Graves has been chosen by Premier Equestrian – a leading manufacturer of world-class footing, riding arenas, and horse jumps – to receive the title of “Premier Equestrian.” This honor is reserved for individuals who not only make valuable contributions to the equestrian community, but who also embody the ideals of sportsmanship in and outside the show ring.

Graves, whose story echoes the fundamental ideals of the American dream, is no stranger to the pitfalls and obstacles that keep many from attempting to build a full-time career in the sport of dressage. When Graves decided she wanted to pursue riding professionally, she was working at a hair salon and lacked the financial resources to purchase a high-quality, trained horse. Instead, she purchased Dutch Warmblood gelding Verdades (Florett AS x Liwilarda) – a young, untrained, and temperamental wildcard – and put in years of patient, painstaking work to bring him along herself. Once Graves decided to follow her dream, there was no turning back. For her, giving up simply wasn’t an option.

Graves credits her tenacious spirit largely to her family and upbringing. “Both of my parents are small business owners, and I was taught from a very young age that you don’t give up. Our family was our team. We participated in the household because we were a team, and we didn’t get compensated for that in any way. We were very well prepared to work however hard we needed to in life to achieve the goals we set; failure is something we were never afraid of.”

As the top United States dressage pair currently and part of the U.S. Bronze Medal team from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Graves’ hard work with Verdades has obviously paid off.

Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian, was deeply impressed by both Grave’s story and character. “The thing that intrigued me about Laura from the very beginning is how she reached the top on her own. She is someone who worked really hard and had a goal, and through persistence and perseverance has obtained something many people only dream of.” Having created her own success story despite great difficulty, and with little on her side but determination, Graves is certainly representative of the true spirit of the American dream.

Even with her meteoric rise to fame, Graves maintains the importance of practicing good sportsmanship. “I was not accepted into this high performance dressage community for many years,” she said, “and I certainly haven’t had the budget to fit in. So when you have the opportunity, include everyone and make them feel like they matter. Or, in some way relate to them, whether they are having a bad ride or something terrible happens to their horse. In the end, we are all hopefully here for the same reason. Finding support within our own community is so important.”

When Graves recently had an issue with the arena base at her training facility in Geneva, Florida, Tony Judge of Olympia Footing – the preferred arena contractor for Premier Equestrian – arrived to help her out of a tough spot.

Judge described the steps he took to transform Graves’ arena: “We analyzed her base and found it needed an aggressive slope to drain, so we decided on a 1% slope. We installed an equestrian base material and graded it with our laser-guided machine. We compacted the base to 95% and also defined the borders of her arena. Then, we made a custom blend of Silica Sand with the textile-footing additives Premier ProTex® and ArenaAid from Premier Equestrian. With precision depth and mixing capabilities, we were able to ensure the right amount of cushion and rebound for Laura to work her horses.”

Premier Equestrian, with footing products that are formulated with biomechanics and injury prevention in mind, ensures that Graves has a top-of-the line surface for riding. “Graves has a rock star horse, and has to do everything in her power to preserve him as long as she possibly can,” confirmed Zorn. “The horse is every bit a high-end athlete as are our basketball and football stars. Those industries make ideal surfaces to lessen injuries, and that’s what Premier Equestrian is doing – trying to get everyone on ideal surfaces to lessen injuries and prolong careers.

Now the official footing supplier of US Equestrian and longtime supporter of the iconic Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Premier Equestrian is proud to recognize Graves and her outstanding contributions to the sport of dressage, and looks forward to watching the development of her prestigious career. For more information about the Premier Equestrian Award or to request a free catalog, a free arena footing sample, or a free arena sand analysis, please call (800) 611-6109) or visit www.PremierEquestrian.com.

Premier Equestrian Coaches Utah State Equine Studies Students on the Basics of Good Footing

Premier Equestrian Coaches Utah State Equine Studies Students on the Basics of Good Footing

Premier Equestrian Coaches Utah State Equine Studies Students on the Basics of Good Footing

Heidi Zorn of Premier Equestrian spoke to students at Utah State University about footing and its effects on horse biomechanics. (Photos courtesy JRPR- no photo credit necessary)

Logan, UT (February 21, 2017) — Heidi Zorn, footing and arena expert and co-owner of Premier Equestrian, is a keen supporter of education on the importance of footing for both horse and rider. It’s no wonder that, when she received an invitation to share her knowledge and expertise with a group of equine studies students at Utah State University, Zorn was quick to enthusiastically accept.

Earlier this month, Zorn was asked to speak at the college by Kelli Munns, Equine Lecturer and English Equestrian Team Coach at the Department of Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences at Utah State. Eager to share her insights on this very important subject, Zorn prepared a detailed presentation for the class on the topic of footing’s effect on horse biomechanics, and how different footing types are needed for different riding disciplines and why.

Reflecting on the experience, Zorn observed, “The students and the staff were all very eager to learn. Breaking down the flight of the foot and how it interacts with different surfaces introduced new, key concepts to their studies.”

Premier Equestrian Coaches Utah State Students on the Basics of Good Footing

When asked why footing is such a crucial topic of education for equestrian students, Munns explained “It takes the students to another level in their education. Through this topic, students are educated on the science of equine biomechanics and the influence that arena surfaces have on it. It’s a part of the industry that combines science and performance. Without good footing, your horse’s performance and confidence will likely be compromised.”

Munns went on to expand on the importance of the topic, saying “When I think about my position as an educator, my ultimate goal is to inspire students to make the industry better for the welfare of the equine athlete. If we want horses to perform to the best of their ability, it is important that we examine all aspects of their training programs. Based on a horse and rider’s discipline, they’re going to need different arena surfaces; biomechanics say so. If you’re going to prolong the integrity of your horse’s body, it would be a worthwhile investment to examine the arena’s surface, where the horse spends the time training.”

Both Zorn and Munns felt the talk opened up a fundamental opportunity for the students to become more aware of the work that still needs to be done in the industry, as well as challenging them to continue with scientific research efforts on the subject of footing.

When asked what the chief takeaway from the talk was, Zorn replied, “We all agreed that how the horse is affected by different surfaces has very few studies; the current studies are still in their infancy. There have been many studies on racehorses, but not many on sport horses, and even less for the western horse. The industry as a whole is lacking in quantified and scientific studies. There may be an opportunity to work with Universities to research just how different types of footing surfaces are affecting the soundness of sport horses and western disciplines.”

Munns also echoed the sentiment, adding “My hope is that students left the talk feeling inspired to continue the research of biomechanics, promoting soundness and wellbeing of our equine athletes and how they can contribute to the science in the equine industry.

Heidi Zorn launched Premier Equestrian in 2000, which supplies riders with world-class footing, dressage arenas, jumps, and other equestrian products. Today, every product sold by Premier Equestrian is measured against a passion for safety, practicality, and well-being of the horse. To learn more about footing and biomechanics, watch Premier Equestrian’s video on their website.

To request a free catalog, free footing sample, or free sand analysis from Premier Equestrian, call (800) 611-6109 or visit www.premierequestrian.com.

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