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No More Mud, Ever!
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VersiGrid™ Footing & Flooring Grid System for Mud Management

VersiGrid™ mud control mats create a permeable and sustainable dirt, grass, or gravel surface. Designed with horse biomechanics in mind and backed by a lifetime warranty, VersiGrid is the strongest equine mud management footing and flooring grid system available. Keep reading below to learn more about the stable grid system that will last you a lifetime.

Keep your animals clean and happy!
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VersiGrid™ Uses

Eliminating standing water and mud ensures a clean and safe area for your animals. A mud-free environment is of utmost importance for hoof health. VersiGrid helps to firm up muddy ground, protecting the health of your animals across a variety of applications.

Stable, Barn, Stall, & Shed Mud Management Grids & Mats

Barn & Shed Entrances
Feed, Wash, and Gate Areas
Stalls & Pens

Horse Paddock Footing & Mud Control Mats for Round Pens & Pastures

Turnouts & Paddocks
Round Pens
Grass & Pastures

Plastic Grid Panels for Driveways, Pathways, Dog Kennels & Cattle Pens

Pathways, trails, high foot traffic areas,
Dog kennels, cattle pens, and more!

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Sustainable Mud Management
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VersiGrid™ Products

Made from 100% recycled materials here in the USA! VersiGrid™ products will last you a lifetime. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty, these products will keep you worry-free.

Light Duty VersiGrid Mud Management Grid, Walkway & Horse Stall Soil Stabilization System

Light Duty VersiGrid L/D 1.0

Designed for light-duty projects such as pedestrian gravel walkways, landscaping, green roofing, and horse stalls. Lightweight and easy to install. VersiGrid L/D 1.0 is a great soil stabilization system for light-duty projects.

Each pallet includes 90 layers to cover 1,080 sq.ft.
Item #7-310

Medium Duty VersiGrid Mud Mud Control Grid, Paddock & Residential Driveway Grid System

Medium Duty VersiGrid M/D 1.5

Designed for the moderate residential vehicular load as well as pedestrian and equestrian applications. The perfect solution to mud control projects ranging from paddocks to residential driveways.

Each pallet includes 60 layers to cover 720 sq.ft.
Item #7-311

Heavy Duty VersiGrid Mud Management Grid, Heavy Load Traffic & High Volume Hoof Traffic Grid System

Heavy Duty VersiGrid H/D 2.0

The heavy hitter in the lineup. VersiGrid H/D 2.0 is the only paving choice for heavy traffic loads and high volume hoof traffic. VersiGrid H/D 2.0 can tackle any job you throw at it! Fully loaded dump trucks, farm equipment, high volume or heavy load traffic.

Each pallet includes 45 layers to cover 540 sq.ft.
Item #7-312

Paddock & Arena Mud Control Grids & Mats

Long-Term Benefits of VersiGrid™

1. Used for decades in equine and agricultural facilities around the world, permeable mud management grid systems offer a variety of benefits.

2. Mud control for horses is essential to maintaining equine health and a clean paddock. Our VersiGrid paddock and horse stable mats ensure a slip-free environment for years to come.

3. Not only do VersiGrid mats create mud-free paddocks and stables, they are proven to reduce the risk of injury while lowering the environmental impact of your land. Rainfall percolates directly into the soil as nature intended, eliminating stormwater runoff which carries non-point source pollution into our rivers, lakes, and streams.

4. Available in three different thicknesses, our permeable mud management grid system is perfect for projects of all types, from light-duty pedestrian walkways to heavy-duty areas with high volumes of hoof traffic and farm equipment.

5. Many states and counties around the nation offer tax incentives for the use of a permeable paving system and environmentally friendly low impact development. Give your equine partner the safe environment they deserve with our paddock mud solutions.

“Our mission is to provide a permanent permeable paving alternative, made of 100% recycled plastics, that will outlast traditional paving methods. We believe quality, durable, eco-friendly products benefit both the customer and the environment.”

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