Sundance Driving Arena with Berkshire Letters


40×100 meters

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Our Best Selling Arena

The Sundance Arena is an affordable dressage arena designed for simplicity, beauty, easy set-up, and wind resistance. Developed from years of experience, the Sundance Arena is our most popular arena!

The Sundance equestrian arena is made from the highest quality, UV-resistant vinyl and is virtually indestructible. Base cones are injection molded and feature a set-in trough for quick and easy set up. Base plates can be placed on the cones to add sand for extra weight in windy areas. The 1.5″ x 5.5″ rails are cut to exact lengths and have UV/impact resistance and ribs for strength.

Sundance Arenas come in multiple sizes to meet your training horse show needs. Includes rails, base cones, and eight bottom cone covers. The Sundance arena is beautiful, stores efficiently, and will last you a lifetime.

The Sundance Arena is available in standard 4 meter rails or, get the Short Rail version with 9′ 3.5″ rails. The Short Rail version makes it easy to haul in a truck.

The Sundance Arena Driving Package includes:

  • Our beautiful 40 x 100 meter Sundance Driving Dressage Arena
  • A set of 12 Berkshire Letters
  • One set of letter markers
  • Choice of silk flowers

Sundance Arena Specifications