Pyramid Arena with Flower Box Letters Package




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Beauty and Function Perfectly Combined

The popular Pyramid Arena is a statement of power with larger 2” x 6” rails. Rails are cut to 4-meters and set into each molded base cone, ensuring the correct arena dimensions every time. Base cones and rails are made with UV inhibitors and impact modifiers for horse safety.

Molded base cones feature anti-suction tabs for stacking and storage, and accommodate base plates for added wind stability. This dressage arena is easy to set up and take down, and provides a beautiful setting for training, shows, and events both indoors and outdoors.

All arenas include rails, base cones, and eight bottom cone covers for your convenience. The Pyramid arena is available in multiple sizes to meet your training and horse show needs.

Pyramid Arena Package includes:

  • Our beautiful Pyramid Dressage Arena (20×60 or 20×40 meters)
  • A set of 12 or 8 Burlingham Sports Flower Boxes
  • Choice of flowers, vines and grasses
  • One set of flower box letters
  • One set of letter markers

Pyramid Arena Specifications

Pyramid cone

Set-in trough

Pyramid cone

12” tall x 16” base width

Top of rail is 12″ from ground

pyramid Arena rail

2” x 6” x 4 meters long

Sundance dressage cone

Bottom plates allow cone to be filled with sand

Line illustration@2x

Arena Setup and Care

Premier arenas are easy to set up!

Clean and Care for your Permanent or Portable Dressage Arena

Premier Equestrian polymer products are UV-protected, moisture resistant, and perfectly safe to use throughout the winter. Our horse arenas are designed to be permanent or portable to fit your needs. If you will not be using them in the winter, here are some helpful tips for storing your equipment:

    1. Sand, grime and dirt will act as an abrasive, and can scratch your equipment when moving and stacking. Use water and a mild detergent to clean rails and cones. Melamine cleaning sponges (Magic Eraser) work great.
    2. A small amount of paint thinner and a rag will buff out scratches on PVC rails.  Be careful not to let it set too long on the PVC or it can damage the material. Rinse with water. Do not use bleach!
    3. Stack rails on a flat surface to keep them straight and correct any bends that may have developed.

Pyramid Arena Assembly Instructions