Brentina Arena Cones


SKU: 910BC.0


The Brentina Arena full cone is used between rail joints. Each cone is molded from 100% UV resistant HDPE. Each cone stands 15.5″ tall, 12″ deep, and 18″ wide making it extremely stable and easy to set up. Water can be added for additional stability.

Rails are held in place by a shelf. The quick-release design will ensure that horses will never get tangled. Any force or impact will quickly release the rail from the base, immediately freeing them without trauma or injury.

What benefits come with a Premier Dressage Arena?

We care about your horses. Materials are engineered specifically for horse arenas and include safety features, like set-in troughs, breakaway rails, and one-piece, molded parts.

Safest Design with Easy Assembly

Most of our arenas feature one-piece, molded base cones. Cones and rails are designed to pop out easily if a horse leg were to impact. Impact modifiers and extra UV protection is engineered into our PVC so it won’t shatter or fade. Rails arrive cut to exact lengths so your finished arena size comes out perfect.

Brentina Arena

Snap-in rails with a quick release.

Sundance Arena cone set in trough

Set-in troughs

Use Indoor or Outdoor on Any Type of Footing

Set up on your indoor or outdoor footing, or on the grass. We also include extra features to add weight for windy areas. Our permanent or portable dressage arena can be customized to fit your needs.

Dressage arena cone base plate

Slide-on bottom plates allow for sand in the Sundance arena cones for extra wind stability.

Brentina cone cap

The Brentina cone is hollow to allow for water or sand.