Faux Wood Split Rail Fence – Log


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    The Cedar Split Rail Fence is a molded polyethylene jump that has a natural look and feel! These maintenance-free jumps are molded from fresh cut split rail fencing right from the ranch.

    2’3″H x 9’10″L, 30 lbs. per set

    Available in: Cedar, Log colored, and Weathered Cedar.

    See matching Split Rail Standards

    FREE Shipping in the contiguous U.S.

    International Shipping:

    Most of our items can be shipped to Canada and world-wide. Call us at 801-446-1857 or 800-611-6109

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    Horse Jumps Features

    High Density Polyethylene

    The Burlingham Sports Horse Jump line features products molded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These plastic horse jumps are molded in one piece, reducing the chance of stress to joints and structural failure. Metal is encapsulated inside of standards and gates, further reinforcing the strength of the material.

    Other products you may be familiar with that are molded from HDPE include trunks, buckets, mounting blocks, roadway barricades and industrial trash cans.

    horse jump gates pair

    Molded parts reduce stress on joints

    Burlingham Sports rock walls group

    Colors and textures molded into each piece

    Never paint again!

    Colors and textures are molded into the HDPE. Simply spray down and wipe with a towel.

    horse jump wall red brick

    Brick, stone, and wood textures

    yellow diamond horse jump standard

    Bright colors with molded details

    Weighty horse jump poles

    Perfect Poles have a solid wood core, completely sealed inside colorful, molded Polyethylene. These poles are weighty and durable to withstand many years of service. Just wipe them down with a towel!

    Horse Jump Poles

    Inside of the Perfect Poles

    Horse Jump Poles

    Completely sealed inside the HDPE

    NOTICE: Burlingham Sports items ship free in the contiguous U.S. when the order total for Burlingham Sports meets a minimum of $150.00.

    Shipping charges will apply when orders containing Burlingham Sports items total less than $150.00.

    Order Total Shipping Rate
    $140 - $149 $10
    $130 - $139 $20
    $120 - $129 $30
    $110 - $119 $40
    $100 - $109 $50
    $50 - $99 $60
    $1 - $49 $70

    Damaged box on a ballet

    Receiving Your Delivery

    This page contains crucial information for proper delivery of your items!

    Sundance Dressage Arenas:

    For ultimate shipping protection, your new Sundance Arena is boxed and banded to a pallet. The rail pallet is almost 14 ft long. Due to the length, your assistance is required to offload the boxes. Assistance includes providing offloading equipment (a forklift, farm equipment with offloading capability, or pallet jack) or multi-person assistance.

    If you do not have equipment, use heavy duty wire cutters or snips to cut the banding and offload the boxes by hand. It is your responsibility to discard the pallet afterwards. Please note: offloading will require 2 people, as the driver may or may not help with unloading. It is up to their discretion.


    Before the Driver Leaves:

    1. Count your boxes against the delivery receipt

    Stacked Boxes

    2. Check for damage.

    Two damaged boxes

    3. Notate missing or damaged boxes on the delivery receipt.

    We can’t help you if damage and/or missing items aren’t noted on the driver’s delivery receipt. You will have to file the claim and prove this occurred during shipment.

    signing for delivery

    4. Accept the entire delivery so the driver can leave.

    Photograph damaged packages and call Premier Equestrian within 72 hrs. (800-611-6109). We will file a freight claim and replace damaged products.

    Truck Size:

    Please call us if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to accommodate.

    Ground Shipments

    If the packages are delivered while you’re away and there is damage, please contact us immediately. Photograph the damaged packages before opening. This will assist us in making a claim.

    A delivery truck with boxes stacked beside it

    Freight Shipments

    Includes items over 8 ft. long or that weigh more than 75lbs.

    The freight truck will need access to your property and a place to turn around. The freight company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment. You, or a representative, must be present and assist in offloading.

    freight truck delivery

    Delivery Disclaimer

    You must agree that you’ve read and understand the delivery process before we ship your order. If you have any concerns, please call us immediately at 800-611-6109 or 801-446-1857.

    We will email you a paid invoice with tracking when your order ships. If you haven’t received your order within 14 days of receiving that email, please contact us at 800-611-6109 and we will investigate.

    If you haven’t received your order within 30 days of receiving that email and you have not notified us, we cannot help you recover your lost shipment.