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Adrienne Lyle riding Wizard on ProTex Footing at Rivergrove Farm

OTTO-ReiTex is an equestrian footing created using new carpet material and which caters specifically to the needs of leisure and amateur riders.

Since the material does not decompose, the OTTO-ReiTex surface is very durable and long-lived. It is nearly water-free and doesn’t require sand, and therefore very simply to maintain. Another great advantage is that the footing does not freeze, meaning that it is rideable all year round.

OTTO-ReiTex is the affordable and practical alternative for everyone who simply wants to spend their spare time on their horse’s back, without any major professional ambition.

By means of its elasticity and stability, OTTO-ReiTex offers ideal conditions for dressage training, flat work and even light jumping.

Technical Specifications

  • Best for: Outdoor arenas
  • Delivery: In bales
  • Installation thickness: 6 inches
  • Thickness after settling: approx. 4 inches
  • Material: Shredded carpet material from automobile interiors (new material)
  • Weight per bale: approx. 1 ton
  • 1 bale covers: approx. 23 sq.m

OTTO-ReiTex Pricing

$2.65 per square foot

Get an average estimated price. Freight additional

This is an estimate. Total price varies depending on individual arena needs. Call us at 800-611-6109 for actual cost. Prices are subject to change.

Everyone has footing questions. We can help. It is relatively simple to improve your arena surface. We make it easy, as easy as it can be, with products and knowledge for various arena conditions and various sand.

Call us at 800-611-6109

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OTTO-ReiTex Features

1. Rideable 365 days per year

Since OTTO-ReiTex is manufactured using water-repellent automobile carpets, the material does not absorb any water, does not freeze, and, therefore, stays rideable all year round, even when the surface is covered with some snow.

“We can ride throughout the entire winter because the material doesn’t freeze. And this year, that has been an especially good feature because we’ve been having 2-digit degrees Celcius below zero and all of our friends who have riding arenas can’t ride right now. We are the only ones who can ride. It is really amazing.”

Dr. Monika Mang

Reitverein Wultendorf, Austria

2. Affordable

The low-budget alternative for hobby riders – with full OTTO Sport quality.

When compared to other equestrian surface systems, especially the ones made for professionals, OTTO-ReiTex is very low priced long term. The main reasons for this are:

• Low maintenance: OTTO-ReiTex is not mixed with sand and doesn’t require water or grooming equipment.

• Inexpensive materials: OTTO-ReiTex itself as well as the recycled material (0 – 8 mm) required for the subbase can be purchased at a relatively low price.

• Cheap installation: OTTO-ReiTex simply needs to be spread in the arena. No experts are needed for this. A few friends from the area are perfectly enough. Normally, installation of the required subbase can be carried out by a local earthworks company of your choice.

3. Simple Installation

Preparation of the sub-base can be carried out by a local contracting company of your choice. Because OTTO-ReiTex doesn’t mix with sand, installation is easy and doesn’t require experts or large machinery.

More info about the single installation steps can be found under ‘Installation’ on this page.

4. Longevity

Since OTTO-ReiTex is manufactured using automobile carpets, it consists of synthetic material which does not decompose and is therefore extremely long-lived.

Also, the material is very durable and cannot be torn apart or grinded down by the hooves.

The first OTTO-ReiTex arenas every installed are over 20 years old and still function as on the first day.

“We installed our OTTO-ReiTex arena in 1995 and just recently, we filled it up with a bit more material for the first time – after 22 years! And it still works perfectly”

Lothar Zesch

Islandpferdegestüt Chemnitz, Germany

5. Easy Maintenance

Your spare time belongs to you and your horse.

OTTO-ReiTex is as easy to maintain as a surface can be. No leveler or anything similar is needed. Even irrigation is reduced to a minimum (see feature 6: low irrigation).

Only in highly used spots such as the hoof track around the arena is it recommended to bring packed or shifted material back into its original shape using a handheld rake.

“We decided to install OTTO-ReiTex because we don’t need to maintain is so much. There is no need to level or water it. It’s just very convenient.”

Agnieszka Legien

Stajnia Wislanim Walem, Cracow, Poland

6. Low Irrigation

Because every single drop is valuable

OTTO-ReiTex footing

In contrast to most types of footing, even the ones used for professional equestrianism, OTTO-ReiTex requires no humidity in order for it to provide the needed stability. The footing does not need to be watered regularly.

Usually, the rain takes care of flushing through any types of dirt, for example from horse droppings or leaves. However, during dry seasons, it is recommended to water the footing a bit from time to time in order to flush through the dirt.

However, a special irrigation system is not required for OTTO-ReiTex.

7. Stability

Lean back and enjoy – or rather, lean into the curve!

OTTO-ReiTex is the practical alternative for all riders without any major professional ambition. The surface is perfect for flat work and light jumping such as cavaletti.

Even professional dressage riders love OTTO-ReiTex and tell stories about huge success moments in training.

Since OTTO-ReiTex is made of textile carpet material, every little snippet has a rough surface to it, meaning that all the little elements hook together. This prevents the material from shifting and provides the hooves with the needed stability.

8. Elasticity

Like riding on clouds.

Being a textile material, OTTO-ReiTex acts elastically under the horses’ hooves.

OTTO-ReiTex is installed with a thickness of 6 inches. Over time it packs down to the ideal thickness of approx. 4 inches, providing the horses with a perfect balance between a hard and a soft surface. This has a positive effect on safety.

“Although they promote it as the surface for amateurs, we can easily use it up to Prix St. George level in dressage. It is completely problem-free.

On the contrary, we feel like the horses have more elasticity and they enjoy this surface very much.”

Klaudia Domzala

Stajnia Wex, Warsaw, Poland

9. Increased cushioning

“Airbags” for horseback riding.

Not only the horses’ health benefit from OTTO-ReiTex: another advantage of its elasticity is that the rider will land on a relatively soft surface when he or she gets thrown off.

Especially beginners and hobby riders – the main users of OTTO-ReiTex – benefit from this.

“The safeness of it is really a vital feature. Our youngest riders are only 4 years old and it is a great relief to know that the surface is so soft to land on. That would be completely different on a typical sand arena, for example.”

Katja Eisermann

Ponyhof “Flotte Hufe”, Leipzig, Germany

10. Environmentally Friendly

Naturally certified

Maximum riding fun – but not on nature’s expense! While enjoying all the advantages of OTTO-ReiTex, you can even relax when it comes to the environment.

The footing is made of high-quality carpet material. OTTO Sport exclusively uses new carpet from current production to make sure that the material always adheres to current environmental regulations. The synthetic material does not decompose and is extremely durable and long-lived.

If, for whatever reason, you do not need OTTO-ReiTex anymore at some point, you should be able quickly find someone who will be happy to buy the used footing from you. Also, you are welcome to return the OTTO-ReiTex material to us.

And theoretically: If, for whatever reason, one had to dispose of OTTO-ReiTex, it would be classified as run-of-the-mill domestic waste.

OTTO-ReiTex Installation

1. Preparation of soil

First, the natural soil has to be removed and an incline of 1 – 1.5% needs to be created in the soil. This can usually be carried out with a local contractor of your choice.

Don’t worry! During every single step of the installation, the OTTO Sport team with decades of experience is available for consultation.

2. Installation of stabilization layer

A stabilization layer is installed after preparing the soil to create a stable sub-base for OTTO-ReiTex.

This layer is made of recycled material with a stone size of 0/8 mm and is installed with a thickness of 8 inches.

The layer is spread, level, rolled and watered in order to pack it down.

3. Unload OTTO-ReiTex bales

OTTO-ReiTex is delivered via truck in wrapped bales.

The OTTO-ReiTex bales can be unloaded and transported to into the arena using a small loader.

Of course, the bales can also be stored outside of the arena, for example when unloading and installation take place at different points of time.

4. Distribute OTTO-ReiTex bales in arena

For subsequent opening of the bales and spreading of OTTO-ReiTex, the bales should be distributed evenly in the arena.

5. Spread OTTO-ReiTex

Use a box cutter to cut through the plastic and netting around the bales. Roll the bales to remove the plastic and netting. Now the OTTO-ReiTex material can be spread across the arena by means of handheld rakes.

When spreading the material, a small loader is helpful, but not mandatory.

The delivered amount of material for your OTTO-ReiTex arena is calculated in a way so that the layer thickness is approx. 6 inches right after installation. However, after some weeks of usage, the material will pack down to the ideal thickness of approx. 4 inches.

Premier Equestrian is the official North American distributor for OTTO Sport

Frequently Asked Questions

Which disciplines is OTTO-ReiTex best suitable for?

OTTO-ReiTex is perfect for flat work and light bar jumping, as well as for leisure riding and dressage. Jumps up to and including Class A* are no problem. OTTO-ReiTex is not suitable for jump heights above 1.00m, because the material is too soft. The material is also not suitable for western riding disciplines such as spinning and sliding.

Is OTTO-ReiTex suitable for indoor arenas, lunging and paddocks?

OTTO-ReiTex is the perfect footing for outdoor use. If the material is to be used in indoor arenas, it needs to be watered regularly to control any residual dust. When using OTTO-ReiTex in lunge rings, the installation of a separating layer of OTTO-PerforatedMats is recommended to ensure that the intense pressure caused by the hooves doesn’t loosen any stones from the foundation. For paddocks and for riding arenas which are also used as a paddock, OTTO-ReiTex is not recommended.

In which colors is OTTO-ReiTex available?

OTTO-ReiTex is produced from a blend of high-quality, new carpeting materials. Unfortunately, colour sorting of the blend is not possible, so the OTTO-ReiTex material is usually multi-coloured.

How much material will be delivered to me?

The delivered amount is calculated according to the arena size, so that after installation, the footing will have an initial thickness of approx. 6 inches. During use, the material packs down and eventually results in a compacted layer of about 4 inches.

What should I keep in mind when it comes to delivery?

OTTO-ReiTex is delivered on tractor-trailers with a total weight of up to 40 tons. For transport, we press the material into bales and wrap it in plastic. A bale measures about 1.20m x 1.20m x 1.20m and weighs max. 850kg. Unloading the bales from the truck is to be carried out by the customer. A forklift or a tractor with bale clamps are best suited for this purpose. Upon request, we will deliver the bales on wood pallets for a small extra charge.

How does the existing soil have to be prepared?

The surface must be flat, sound, solid and have good grip. The soil as well as the mineral mixture (0-8 mm) must be well compacted and should have a slope of 1-1.5% to ensure ideal water drainage. We recommend a subbase of a defined grain sized mineral mixture (anti-freeze). This layer should consist of crushed stone with a grain size of 0-8 mm. The layer thickness should be approx. 20 cm (or more if needed).

How do I install OTTO-ReiTex?

First, you distribute the bales evenly across the prepared base. It is recommended to set aside one or two bales so that you have spare material for possible irregularities that may occur after packing. After this, the wrapping is removed from the bales and the OTTO-ReiTex material is spread evenly across the arena with hand rakes. For extra support, you can also use a hay feeder. However, make sure that you do not damage the rock layer. As the riding arena is used, the OTTO-ReiTex material packs down over time and eventually forms a compact layer. In addition, a tractor can be used for faster packing.

Which type arena border is suited best?

For the arena border, one possibility is the use of logs or planks of larch that are placed on the substructure. The border should be at least 12 inches high. On the lower side, openings should be created in order to ensure an unimpeded drainage of water.

How do I maintain my OTTO-ReiTex arena?

The maintenance required for an OTTO-ReiTex surface is essentially limited to removing droppings. Regularly grading the arena with the leveller is not required. It is enough to occasionally iron out uneven spots with a hand rake.

Do I need a grooming equipment to maintain my OTTO-ReiTex arena?

No, grooming equipment is not needed. To maintain the arena, a hand rake will do.

Will OTTO-ReiTex be blown away by strong winds?

OTTO-ReiTex normally does not react to wind. If however your riding arena is located somewhere where it is especially exposed to wind, it helps to build an approximately 20 inch high wire fence.

Is OTTO-ReiTex rideable during winter?

With OTTO-ReiTex, riding is fun in the winter. The soil has good grip and retains much of its elasticity. At temperatures below zero it may be that moisture adhering to the OTTO-ReiTex material freezes. But due to the elasticity of the flooring, the fine crust of ice breaks under the weight of the hooves, so that the horse has the needed support. If there is a bed of snow on the OTTO-ReiTex surface, you can remove it and start using the arena again.

Does OTTO-ReiTex have to be watered?

Unlike a riding surface with sand footing, which should always be kept slightly moist, OTTO-ReiTex doesn’t need watering to ensure the best riding conditions. Occasionally, there may however be an electrostatic charge during dry periods, especially in newly installed arenas. This can be prevented by occasionally watering the arena during long dry periods. This phenomenon usually disappears as soon as the OTTO-ReiTex footing has packed down.

What is OTTO-ReiTex made of?

OTTO-ReiTex consists of high-quality carpet material. We use exclusively new carpets from current production, thus ensuring that the raw material is always in line with current environmental regulations. The synthetic material does not decompose and is therefore extremely long-lived.

Can I convert my old sand riding arena into an OTTO-ReiTex surface?

An existing riding arena can be converted easily into an OTTO-ReiTex surface. If the foundation has been created professionally and is still in good shape, all that is required is to replace the old sand layer with OTTO-ReiTex material. If you are not sure whether the substructure will work, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with advice, even with a non-binding visit at your premises.

Is OTTO-ReiTex environmentally harmful?

No. OTTO-ReiTex is produced using high-quality carpet material. We exclusively use new carpets from current production to ensure that the material is always in line with current environmental regulations. OTTO-ReiTex is non-toxic for horse and rider. Its use is not harmful to the environment.

Is OTTO-ReiTex hazardous waste?

OTTO-ReiTex is produced from a blend of high-quality carpeting, making it non-hazardous.

What should I do if I no longer need the OTTO-ReiTex surface?

If you for any reason no longer need OTTO-ReiTex, you will usually quickly find a buyer who will be happy to take over the surface. Also, feel free to return the OTTO-ReiTex material to us for free!

How long has OTTO-ReiTex been around?

We built the first OTTO-ReiTex surfaces in the early 1990s. The oldest existing OTTO-ReiTex surfaces are now more than twenty years old.

What Others Are Saying

I can’t believe how much life Premier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. The ProTex stabilized our surface, minimized the dust, it now retains more moisture thus reducing the need to water, and kept the surface from compacting. What a huge improvement. The cost was a fraction of a complete redo.
I can’t believe how much life Premier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. The ProTex stabilized our surface, minimized the dust, it now retains more moisture thus reducing the need to water, and kept the surface from compacting. What a huge improvement. The cost was a fraction of a complete redo.
I can’t believe how much life Premier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. The ProTex stabilized our surface, minimized the dust, it now retains more moisture thus reducing the need to water, and kept the surface from compacting. What a huge improvement. The cost was a fraction of a complete redo.
I can’t believe how much life Premier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. The ProTex stabilized our surface, minimized the dust, it now retains more moisture thus reducing the need to water, and kept the surface from compacting. What a huge improvement. The cost was a fraction of a complete redo.
I can’t believe how much life Premier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. The ProTex stabilized our surface, minimized the dust, it now retains more moisture thus reducing the need to water, and kept the surface from compacting. What a huge improvement. The cost was a fraction of a complete redo.

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