Consistent moisture for your footing

Arion Smart Arena

Arion Smart Arena logoEbb & Flow waters the arena ‘from below’ – and you don’t even notice it! Therefore, the horses can stay in the arena around the clock. It also provides high-capacity drainage during rain events.

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Eliminate the need for sprinklers and manual arena watering.

The Ebb & Flow system provides consistent hydration of the arena surface by automatically controlling the water level within the arena base and footing layer.

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The surface is watered from below where the water wicks up through the sand to keep the surface at an optimum hydration. It is the most efficient and easy method to watering your arena.

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What makes up the Ebb & Flow System?

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Electronic Controls

An electronic control panel keeps footing consistently supplied with a specified amount of water. It monitors and adjusts the water level by the centimeter.

More water is let in when needed. Excessive water, for example from rainfalls, is automatically let out. There is also an emergency shutdown.

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Pipe Array

A liner is laid over the native soil. A pipe array is installed over the liner and connected to the water source and control panel.

The liner and pipes are covered with sand and the OTTO Sport Base Mats and/or footing are set on top.

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Footing Layer

Using the Ebb & Flow System with OTTO Sport Base Mats and Premier Footing provides the highest quality surface, convenience, and considerably higher comfort for horses.

The OTTO Sport Base Mats add shock absorption and cushioning, preventing your training or competition surface from becoming compacted and stiff.

Ebb & Flow System
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ebb and flow drainage system
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