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Five Factors that Create a Great Arena Surface

By September 18, 2018October 4th, 2022No Comments

Building an arena correctly is one of the best investments you can make for you and your horses. It’s relatively simple to improve your arena surface when you understand the components involved. Here’s an introduction to the pieces that will make a great arena surface.


A Solid Arena Base

The base and sub-base provide drainage and create a consistent, solid foundation for your footing layer. Premier Equestrian offers three base construction techniques, depending on your needs and budget.


Understanding Your Sand

Sand is the key ingredient for a good arena surface. Choosing the wrong sand for riding arenas can create problems and be very expensive over time. We’ll help you source the best sand and footing product for your arena needs.


Adding the Right Footing Product

Textiles, fibers, and crumb rubber can be added to resolve compaction, bind looseness, improve drainage, reduce dust, and more! Premier Equestrian will create a custom blend of material for your arena needs, discipline, and traffic.


Moisture Content

Water creates a molecular bond between sand particles, preventing them from rolling under the foot. Water also reduces dust and improves cushion and stability.


Grooming Your Arena

Daily, weekly, and monthly grooming are mandatory to maintain a great surface. Premier Groomers enable you to maintain a consistent riding surface, avoid irregularities, and condition your sand and footing additives.

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