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3 Reasons Why Premier Equestrian Show Jumps Stand Out From the Rest

By August 4, 2021September 18th, 2023No Comments
Horse Jumps
Premier Equestrian offers a range of show jumping equipment

When it comes to show jumping equipment, Premier Equestrian offers a suite of products designed to be durable, attractive, safe and affordable. With options ranging from basic schooling standards to detailed faux wood wings, as well as a range of fillers and floral decor, both private owners and training facilities can build a collection of horse jump equipment worthy of hosting their own personal Olympic qualifier.

Here’s why Premier Equestrian show jumps stand out from the competition:


Nearly all of Premier Equestrian’s line of Burlingham show jumping equipment is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), an extremely rugged form of plastic that is also used in making tack trunks, water buckets and mounting blocks. Each standard, gate, or panel is molded in one piece around a metal frame, which increases its strength and greatly reduces the chance of breakage. Unlike traditional wood, which has a natural tendency to crack or split over time, HDPE is UV-stabilized and weather-resistant.

Two tone jump standards and gate
Burlingham Sport two-tone jump standards and gate

One of the best parts about HDPE is that it comes in many colors and can even be molded to mimic the texture of real wood or stone. By mixing and matching poles, standards, and fillers, it is easy to build various schooling courses that mimic those seen in competition. And unlike traditional wood poles, which fade or chip over time and require constant repainting to stay looking sharp, HDPE equipment needs nothing more complicated than a rinse and towel dry to look show-ready!

Horse show jumps
Premier Equestrian show jumps at Riverbend Ranch

In addition to being long-lasting, HDPE has the added benefit of being safer than traditional wood for your horse. No more risk of shattered rails when your horse makes a jumping mistake: Premier Equestrian’s line of Perfect Poles have a wooden core sealed inside a colored and molded HDPE rail, making the poles both weighty and rugged yet still light enough to fall if struck. If your horse hits one, you can be confident that neither he nor the rail will suffer. 

If you like the idea of Perfect Poles but can’t give up a traditional look, consider the Nature’s Perfect Poles line. These rails come in 10’ or 12’ lengths and are crafted to perfectly mimic weathered cedar, log, cedar, birch or turf rails.

Cedar Fence Horse Jump
Nature’s Perfect Jump Poles and Standards

Premier Equestrian jump equipment allows for versatile set up and design. Walls come in stackable pieces so you can gradually add height without sacrificing safety. The base feet of wing standards can be filled with sand for increased stability. Each piece is crafted with ease of use, longevity, and safety in mind.

If your arena is home to a set of chipped, rotting jump rails and aging wooden standards leaning crookedly out of their bases, isn’t it time you consider an upgrade? With free shipping throughout the lower 48, now is the time to live your own Olympic dream over a course of Premier Equestrian show jumps.

About the author
Christina Keim is a professional equestrian and writer based at Cold Moon Farm in Rochester, NH. Over the course of her career, she has worked as a barn manager, head groom, riding instructor, and collegiate equestrian team coach. In 2015, she founded Cold Moon Farm with the mission to promote sustainable living, conservation, and the highest standards of compassionate horsemanship. 

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