Footing Solutions for Everyday Equestrians

Is something “wrong” with your footing and you aren’t sure where to start? Sand qualities, moisture, and maintenance are main contributors to footing problems.

We’ve narrowed down four common problems and what you might consider for improvements.


The surface is too hard

Sand shape and gradation contributes to hardness because particles nest together tightly. Heavy rain, snow, and drainage can also make your arena compacted and hard.


• Hear the concussion
• No hoof indentation
• Uneven surface


Deep grooming to bring up fines settled on your base
• A cushioning product like ProStride will create voids

Too deep or too soft

Rounded sand particles roll under the hoof, especially when they’re all the same size. Textiles also lose their effectiveness over time and may need to be refreshed.


• Lack of stability
• Hooves twist
• Rail ruts and large divots
• Uneven surface
• Feels deep


• Add textiles and fibers, which can help bind up loose particles.
Deep grooming and mixing, which will remix sand and footing
Increase water and compaction

Poor drainage

Drainage is affected how the sand particles are compacting and how your base is constructed.


• Puddles
• Slippery base


Deep grooming to dig up fine particles that have compacted over the base
Fix your base to increase drainage

Too much dust

Sand breaks down over time turning into airborne particles, AKA dust. Non-silica sands break down much faster than silica sands.


• Airborne particles
• Uneven base
• Slippery when wet
• Hard and dusty when dry


Add new clean sand with a specific particle size and gradation
Add textiles to bind the additional fines or dust particles
• Increase water retention with ArenaAid, HydroKeep or SlowDust
Deep grooming to remix all sand particles and footing materials

Building or improving an arena surface doesn’t have to break your budget.

Horse Arena Footing

Does your footing show signs of:

  • Puddles
  • Dust
  • Too hard or too soft
  • High and low spots
  • Something’s wrong but you’re just not sure?
Premier Equestrian is the Exclusive Footing Products Supplier for the International Arena at WEF
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Winter Equestrian Festival
International Arena

Footing Upgrade

The Palm Beach International Equestrian Center’s International Arena was upgraded with OTTO Sport Base Mats and Premier ProTex footing product.

More about the new arena
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OTTO Sport Base Mats & Premier ProTex Footing Product

Otto Base Mats

OTTO Sport Base Mats protect your horse’s joints from debilitating, concussive damage from hard arena surfaces, and minimize tendon damage due to instability and slippage. Available exclusively at Premier Equestrian.

  • Designed specifically for horse arenas and paddocks
  • Aid water conservation
  • Stability for both the horse and rider
  • Absorb up to 40% of the energy caused by the foot fall
  • Immediate drainage

OTTO Sport Base Mat Features:

1. Locking Rings on the underside lock mats into the surface due to their conic shape, preventing shifting and stones can’t travel up into the footing.

2. Drainage Holes (252/mat) removes up to 8 inches/hour, making the arena useable immediately after heavy rain. Horses will never have to stand in puddles or mud in paddocks.

3. Reservoirs hold up to 1 gallon of water per mat and release it back into the footing to maintain even hydration.

4. Traction Knobs of varied heights provide stability, while allowing some hoof movement.

OTTO Sport Base Mats
Otto paddock Mats
Protex Hoofprint

Premier ProTex Footing Product

Premier ProTex Arena Footing Product is designed for high performance in high-use areas. The ProTex textiles and fibers were combined with carefully chosen silica sands.

The carefully chosen sands combined with ProTex, created a surface unlike any other, possessing all the characteristics the FEI is looking for, including maximum drainage, with increased stability, shear support, and rebound. ProTex textiles and fibers provides a “rooting” function by reducing shear force and promoting shock absorption.

Premier ProTex Footing Product

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Many of our products can improve existing sand whether it’s too hard, compacted, dull, dusty, unstable, doesn’t hold moisture, and more.

Improve your existing sand, or talk to us before you buy new. We’ll guide you so you know exactly what to ask your local quarry.

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