Premier Pro Groomer


3-point hitch
75″ long, 7′ and 8′ widths



All the features you’ll ever need

The Premier Pro Groomer will keep up with the requirements of maintaining a large, professionally-run facility, horse show or racetrack.

Premier groomers contain all the features and adjustability you’ll ever need for mixing, maintaining, and perfecting your arena surface.  Perfect for all types of footing and safe for the base, landscape liners, and base mats, the Premier Pro Groomer is the best arena groomer for any scenario. Great for all disciplines including jumping, dressage, pleasure, and all types of western disciplines.

The swivel 3-point hitch allows the arena groomer to be pulled with a tractor with at least 40-50HP.

Pro groomer cutout 800
Swivel 3-Point Hitch
S-Tines & Coil Tines
Double Rollers

1. Swivel 3-Point Hitch: The groomer tracks and swivels behind the tractor, helping to eliminate sand piling into the corners.

2. Adjustable S-Tines & Coil Tines: Tine bars have adjustable depths and angles, and can be used at the same time or independently. S-Tines dig, lift, mix, fluff, and level the arena surface. Coil Tines create a vibrating action to blend, smooth, finish, fill in grooves, and pack down the surface.

3. Rollers stabilize and compact Front and rear rollers provide stability, compaction, and prevent tines from digging too deep into the surface. Tines can be pulled up completely to add extra compaction.

8′ Premier Pro Groomer

8′ wide x 75″ long, 1,250 lbs.

50 HP tractor minimum required

86″ maximum vehicle wheel width


7′ Premier Pro Groomer

7′ wide x 75″ long, 1,150 lbs.

40 HP tractor minimum required

74″ maximum vehicle wheel width


The 6′ Pro Groomer has been discontinued. Please see our 6′ Pro Lite Groomer.

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Compare Premier Arena Groomers

Product Features Groomer Size Groomer Weight Minimum Vehicle Power Vehicle Wheel Width Item # Price
Premier Pro 2 S-Tine & 2 Coil Tine Bars

Rotating Tine Bars

Front & Back Rollers

3-point Swivel Hitch

Large, professionally-run facility

8′ wide x 75″ long

7′ wide x 75″ long

6′ wide 75″ long

1,250 lbs

1,150 lbs

1,050 lbs

50 HP Tractor

40 HP Tractor










Premier Pro Lite 2 S-Tine & Coil Tine Bars

Rotating Tine Bars

Front & Back Rollers

3-Point Swivel Hitch

6′ wide x 68″ long

5′ wide x 68″ long

750 lbs

700 lbs

24 HP tractor 62″






Premier Mini Pro 2 S-Tine & 2 Coil Tine Bars

Rotating Tine Bars

Front & Back Rollers

Tow-Behind Hitch

6′ wide x 68″ long

5′ wide x 68″ long

650 lbs

600 lbs

24HP tractor or 35HP UTV/ATV and 812cc displacement

18HP tractor or 35HP UTV/ATV and 812cc displacement







Premier Standard 2 S-Tine Bars*

Back Roller, Leveling Bar

3-Point Hitch

6′ wide x 52″ long

5′ wide x 52″ long

350 lbs

300 lbs

500cc UTV/ATV or 20-30HP tractor

500cc UTV/ATV or 18-24HP tractor








Groomer Moisture Requirements Moisture Retention Maintenance Traffic Usage Reduces Dust Grooming Equipment Life Expectancy
Premier Pro High performance material

Superior stability

Adds cushion, rebound, grip

Polyester textile & fiber Professionally constructed stone base, free-draining base, or mat base and Ebb&Flow Fine

High Moderate-High High High Very Well Specific Long
Premier Pro Lite

Works with a variety of sands

Excellent stability

Adds cushion, rebound, grip

Reduces compaction

Nylon and polyester fibers

Professionally constructed stone base, free-draining base, or mat base and Ebb&Flow

Fine to medium sand


Very High



Very Well


Moderately Long

Premier Mini Pro Helps hard, dead, compacted surfaces

Provides cushion, rebound, grip

Reduces compaction

Pre-consumer recycled athletic shoes Professional or natural base Coarse to fine sand Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Well Wide range Medium
Premier Standard

Helps hard-packed surfaces

Good for surfaces in need of extra cushion and rebound

reduces compaction

Recycled truck tires, sizes specifically for horse arenas

Professional or natural based

Coarse, angular, and clay sands






Wide range


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The Premier Groomer is warranted for twelve (12) months from the date of the original invoice against defects in materials and/or workmanship but only when put to the normal and designed consumer and commercial uses and in accordance with the user instruction manual provided with the Premier Groomer and instructions on the Premier Equestrian website or marketing materials specific to a Premier Groomer.

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