Derby 1/2 Round with Turf


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The Derby 1/2 Round with Turf is covered with artificial grass turf. The two Stands allow you to start at the Beginner Novice height of 2’7″ and raise the height in 4″ increments to Novice, Training, and up to the Preliminary height of 3’7″.

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Horse Jumps Features

High Density Polyethylene

The Burlingham Sports Horse Jump line features products molded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These plastic horse jumps are molded in one piece, reducing the chance of stress to joints and structural failure. Metal is encapsulated inside of standards and gates, further reinforcing the strength of the material.

Other products you may be familiar with that are molded from HDPE include trunks, buckets, mounting blocks, roadway barricades and industrial trash cans.

horse jump gates pair

Molded parts reduce stress on joints

Burlingham Sports rock walls group

Colors and textures molded into each piece

Never paint again!

Colors and textures are molded into the HDPE. Simply spray down and wipe with a towel.

horse jump wall red brick

Brick, stone, and wood textures