Dressage Arenas

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Designed for horse enthusiasts everywhere, Premier Equestrian’s selection of dressage arenas look and perform better for riding than any other offering. Each Premier dressage arena includes the highest quality vinyl fencing on the market with impact modifiers, extra UV protectors, and customized measurements to set up your permanent or portable dressage arena perfectly. Visit our Dressage Arena FAQs Page to find answers to all your questions.

What are the different kinds of dressage arenas?

There are two main sizes of dressage arenas: 20×40 meters and 20×60 meters. Preliminary and intermediate level dressage riders primarily use 20×40 meter dressage arena dimensions, while advanced level riders use 20×60 meters. The outside perimeter of the arenas is marked with various letters indicating where the horse and rider will perform the figures or movements. In other words, the letters give the riders a frame of reference so the performers can correctly execute each riding exercise. Small arenas use the letters A K E H C M B F. In contrast, larger arenas use the letters A K V E S H C M R B P F. The letters are placed in specific locations along the dressage fencing areas according to the dressage arena size.

What is a dressage arena?

The most basic definition of dressage arenas are designated riding areas where horses perform specific exercises in training and in competition. The arena is rectangle-shaped and marked with letters where horse and rider demonstrate movements, such as transitions, circles and lateral exercises. The size of the arena is adjusted based on the level. A dressage arena has low, white fencing that not only functions as a visual aid but also establishes the arena’s boundary.

What's the benefit of choosing Premier Equestrian to order your arena necessities?

Premier Equestrian sells everything you need to set up your own dressage arena, from various dressage arenas perimeter, fencing, flower boxes, dressage letters for arenas, and dressage accessories. All of our riding products are made in the USA using high-quality materials. Not only are our dressage arena products beautiful, but they’re also durable and designed with impact modifiers. No matter where you live, you can enjoy the charm and long-lasting quality of Premier Equestrian products with our worldwide shipping.