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Horse Jump Poles and Rails For Sale

The Best Horse Jump Poles and Rails

Our equestrian horse jump poles and rails for sale are built for safety, durability, and maintenance-free use. We use advanced materials ensure that our Ultimate, PolyWrap, and Wooden jump poles and rails are able to withstand indoor and outdoor use and shine up easily with the wipe of a towel. Jump poles are shatter resistant and weigh the same as wood. We offer a variety of options including, 10’ and 12’ lengths, solid white or colors, and stripes. Poles and rails come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Shatter and impact resistant
  • Same weight as wood
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • UV Resistant

Shop Ultimate Jump Poles

The Premier Equestrian Ultimate horse jump poles are designed with 100% impact and UV-resistant  titanium vinyl. These jump poles are virtually indestructible and wont crack from prolonged exposure to the sun. Wall thickness is 3/8” and poles weigh the same as wood.

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“We love our Premier Equestrian jumps and can’t thank you enough! Our Florida farm has harsh climate conditions. It is brutal on our equipment. Wood jumps rot and mold grows within days. Aluminum jumps are pricey and heavy. The jump equipment we received from you is ideal, very durable, safe and maintenance free. Your product has restored our faith in PVC & Polymer jumps. Thanks again!”

Todd Minikus

International Grand Prix Rider and Professional Trainer

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