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#1 Choice for Footing Products

Premier footing products provide ideal qualities for competition in the International Arena at WEF. We’ll create an affordable solution to help you get the same qualities at your home arena.

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Premier Equestrian is the Official Footing Products Supplier for the International Arena at WEF.
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Premier ProTex Footing Product is the #1 choice for training and horse show arenas, including the DeNemethy, Mogavero, and International Arenas at WEF. Premier ProTex footing creates a high-performance riding surface. Ideal for jumping and dressage in indoor and outdoor arenas.

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OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats

Protect your horse’s joints from debilitating, concussive damage from hard arena surfaces, and minimize tendon damage due to instability and slippage.

1. Locking Rings on the underside lock mats prevent shifting and keep stones from traveling up into the footing.

2. Drainage Holes drain water immediately, making the arena useable after heavy rain. Horses will never have to stand in puddles or mud in paddocks.

3. Reservoirs hold up to 1 gallon of water per mat and release it back into the footing to maintain even hydration.

4. Traction Knobs of varied heights provide stability, while allowing some hoof movement.

OTTO Sport Base Mats
OTTO Sport horse arena base mats
1. Locking Rings
2. Drainage Holes
3. Water Reservoirs
4. Traction Knobs
Base mats absorb up to 40% of the energy caused by the foot fall

Premier Equestrian Footing

The International Arena at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) features OTTO Sport Base Mats and Premier ProTex equestrian footing product.

Premier ProTex footing product is installed in the DeNemethy and Mogavero arenas at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

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Transform your arena with the help of Premier Equestrian. We’ll help you create a new surface or improve existing sand whether it’s too hard, compacted, dull, dusty, unstable, doesn’t hold moisture, and more.

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