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Spring Refresher Program

Premier footing products are packaged in smaller quantities so you can easily give your surface a boost in cushion, resilience, and grip.

Textiles and fibers mixed with sand

Premier ArenaAid is the best all-around fiber to put into your arena to stabilize sand.

It’s best to speak to one of our representatives before you buy.

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It’s Springtime!

Time to put the spring back into your footing

Wet and freezing winter months mean that many outdoor arenas get little to no use. How might the winter season affect your arena?

wet horse arena

1. Compaction: Small sand particles settle increasing compaction and hardness.
2. Separation – Textile, fiber, and rubber products can migrate to the top of the sand.
3. Washing away footing materials from erosion.

The list all adds up to one thing: springtime maintenance!

•  Deep grooming will lift the fine sands. Be careful to not dig into your base!
•  Re-mix sand and footing materials thoroughly.
•  Examine the quality and quantity of sand and footing material. It may be time to refresh.

Horse Arena Groomer
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