Organic and Eco-Friendly

ArenaMend Waterless Footing

NEW! ArenaMend is a waterless footing solution you add to your sand. It will effectively reduce or eliminate water usage and works in most sands to improve footing quality. For new or existing arenas.

Premier Equestrian is the exclusive distributor for ArenaMend products.
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ArenaMend Products

ArenaMend features two formulas:

ArenaMend Green (for new arenas) and ArenaMend Plus (for existing arenas)

ArenaMend Green

For New Arenas

A truly affordable waterless footing that has the high-performance characteristics you would expect from Premier Equestrian. ArenaMend Green eliminates the need for water, saving money and time. ArenaMend Green is an eco-friendly formula found at exclusive events like The Palm Beach Masters.

With proper grooming, your footing will remain consistent and dust free. Choose ArenaMend Green for new installations

ArenaMend Plus

For Existing Arenas

A new and effective solution to reduce or eliminate the need for water. Also, it will improve your surface with added cushion, traction, and grip. ArenaMend Plus is perfect for mixing into existing arenas. It works great with textile, rubber, or plain sand surfaces. Plus, it’s affordable.

This water saving solution is eco-friendly and with proper grooming will keep your footing consistent, dust free, and fresh.

Your friendly Premier Equestrian specialist can help you understand the difference and what is best for your project.

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ArenaMend Pricing

Starting at $1.15 per square foot

Each super sack covers 1,500 square feet.

Get an average delivered price within the U.S.

This is an average delivered price, which includes freight and delivery. Price is subject to change based on location, square footage, sand depth, and sand type.

Call us at 800-611-6109 for a free consultation and to order.

Contact us about ArenaMend

“We just had this added to our outdoor ring and it’s AMAZING. Solves the water issues we have in dry Colorado and makes the already amazing footing even better!”

Jessica Greer

Jessica Greer Dressage, LLC.

• ArenaMend comes pre-mixed in super sacks. It’s added to your sand.

• Installation is easy! Divide the arena into equal sections and distribute the bags. Cut the bags open, spread the material over your arena and till it in.

• The amount of water you’ll save depends on the amount of ArenaMend you install. A Premier Equestrian specialist can help guide you.

• ArenaMend remains consistent with temperature changes. Footing won’t freeze* or get gooey when hot. This is different from all other waterless footings. You get a high-quality, consistent footing year-round. ArenaMend will eliminate dust and improve stability.

*ArenaMend will harden under 22 degrees Fahrenheit, but grooming will soften it
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Requirements for ArenaMend Footing

ArenaMend mixes with any type of sand and footing products. Some sand types work better; call us for a consultation. The amount of water saved will depend on how much ArenaMend is installed.

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Sand Particle Size

Works with any types of sand

Coarse medium fine sand 510x288
Moisture high 85x60


Watering will depend on how much ArenaMend product you have. Water will keep sand particles mixed with the textiles and fibers.

Textiles and fibers mixed with sand
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Grooming Equipment

Grooming equipment with tines that will mix and fluff the sand and product, as well as be able to create compaction.

Texas Rose Equestrian Center
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ArenaMend is Environmentally Responsible

ArenaMend and ArenaMend Plus are greater than 99% biorenewable carbon and are derived from up-cycled, organic materials to ensure that the footing is environmentally safe.


ArenaMend requires no water for maintenance, eliminating* irrigation and watering expenses.

*Water usage will depend on how much product is used.


ArenaMend is derived from upcycled, natural materials.

Non-Oil Based

ArenaMend is non-synthetic and non-oil based  to allow for an all weather product that does not separate over time.


ArenaMend is comprised of all organic material making it greater than 99% biorenewable carbon.

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