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Arena Construction Materials

OTTO Sport has been a Global player in riding arenas for 25 years. This family business is run by passionate riders and horse enthusiasts. OTTO Sport can be seen at high level competitions and farms all over the world. Learn More about OTTO Sport


Steffen Peters’ Arroyo Del Mar, San Diego CA • Klaus Balkenhol • Debbie McDonald • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016 • Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010, Lexington KY • FEI European Jumping Championships Madrid 2011 • FEI World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006 • FEI World Equestrian Games Rome 1998

Premier Equestrian is the official North American distributor for OTTO Sport
OTTO Perforated arena base mats


The OTTO-PerforatedMat is an arena base system that offers drainage, stability, shock absorption, and arena longevity. The system creates a true all-weather arena that many riders need to keep up hectic training schedules. Clearly the world’s best arena base system, OTTO Sport has chosen Premier Equestrian to represent the product exclusively in North America.

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OTTO Sport Ebb and Flow system

OTTO-Ebb&Flow System

The OTTO-Ebb&Flow System eliminates the need for sprinklers and manual watering of your arena. It also provides high capacity drainage during rain events. The system assures accurate and consistent hydration of the arena surface by automatically controlling the water level within the arena base-substrate. The surface is watered from below where the water wicks up through the sand to keep the surface at an optimum hydration.

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Ride the Rio Surface OTTO Perforated Mats

Premier Equestrian, Olympia Footing, and OTTO Sport enable all to ride on Olympic quality footing, or a surface pretty close to it. Read our featured article from February's issue of California Riding Magazine

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