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Premier Pro Lite Groomer

Introducing the NEW Premier Pro Lite Groomer

The Premier Pro Lite Groomer includes all the features you’ll ever need for mixing, maintaining and perfecting your arena surface. The Pro Lite Groomer has many of the same features as our Pro Groomer, but in a lighter version. The lighter groomer enables small tractors with a 3-point hitch system to pick up and transport the groomer efficiently. A minimum of 24hp tractor is required.

Different arena surfaces require different degrees of maintenance. This Groomer will keep up with the requirements of maintaining a large professionally-run facility, horse show or racetrack keeping your surface in peak performance. Great for all disciplines including hunter/jumper, dressage, pleasure and all types of western disciplines.

Premier Groomer Features

All the features you’ll ever need

Features on the Premier Pro Lite Groomer includes: Swivel 3-Point Hitch, front and rear rollers, two rows of S-Tines and two rows of Coil Tines. Turnbuckles allow the tines to raise and lower independently, while securing their position. All four rows of tines can be used at the same time or independently. Tines can rotate 90 degrees to accommodate ripping and lifting, or set angle back for finishing and fluffing.

Premier Pro Groomer for heavy duty arena maintenance and conditioning

1. Swivel 3-Point Hitch

The 3-point swivel hitch enables small tractors to get into tight spaces and corners while preventing the surface from bunching or moving.

Adaptable hitch system

2. Rotating S-Tines & Coil Tines

All four rows of tines can be used at the same time or independently. Tines can rotate 90 degrees to accommodate ripping and lifting, or set angle back for finishing and fluffing.

S-Tines and Arena Edger tool

3. Double Rollers

Front and rear rollers provide balance of the unit as well as extra compaction capabilities. The double rollers ensure the tine depth stays stationary and provide protection from digging too deep into the surface.

Premier Pro Roller
6' Premier Pro Lite Groomer5' Premier Pro Lite Groomer
Groomer Size6' wide x 68" long5' wide x 68" long
Groomer Weight750 lbs700 lbs
Minimum Vehicle Power24 HP tractor24 HP tractor
Vehicle Wheel Width62"50"
Your groomer should be at least as wide as the tire width of your tractor to ensure tire treads are covered.
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Arena Grooming & Maintenance

Grooming and maintenance are key factors in achieving quality arena footing. Grooming enables you to maintain a consistent riding surface for your equine athlete, avoid footing irregularities, and condition your sand and footing additives. Regularly mixing and leveling footing prevents problems. A professional-type groomer can overturn and redistribute the varying sand particle sizes and keep additives mixed thoroughly. Footing which has migrated out to the edges of the arena will need to be pulled back in.


Premier Equestrian – Global Footing Experts

We are very pleased with our groomer! The sand texture, depth, and level of firmness we can achieve is consistent across the arena and the drag is easy to use. Furthermore, the more we use it, the more level our arena is becoming. As I might have mentioned, the previous groomer had created a rolling surface very rapidly after we had had the arena professionally leveled. I am so glad that we made the switch to the Premier Equestrian groomer – it was absolutely worth it!


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