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Premier Standard Groomer

All the features you’ll ever need

Different arena surfaces require different maintenance tools. The Premier Standard Groomer is a convenient and easy solution for all types of surfaces. This groomer has forward-thinking features that aren’t found in competing products, at a competitive price point.

The Premier Standard Groomer is specifically designed to aggressively mix all sand surfaces. The Groomer will remix, grade all the particles back together and level your arena. Great for hard compacted surfaces, and well as rubber footing additives.

For larger facilities check out the Premier Pro Groomer or the
Mini Pro Groomer


Premier Standard Groomer Features

Angle leveling bar

The Adjustable Leveling Bar™

An advancement in grooming technology! Set the Adjustable Leveling Bar™ up or down, forward or backward, or diagonally from right and left to move your footing where you desire.

For example, if footing is built up on the rail, set the Adjustable Leveling Bar™ on a diagonal to pull the footing back into the track. When mixing fibers and textiles, move the Adjustable Leveling Bar™ backward to avoid getting the textile stuck in the tines. Included on every Premier Standard Groomer.

S-Tines & Roller Break, Mix, Fluff, and Finish

Outfitted with S-tines, the Adjustable Leveling Bar™, and a roller, the Premier Groomer will break, mix, fluff, level and finish in one pass. New! The Premier Standard Groomer is available with a rotating tines upgrade. See more below.

New! Rotating S-Tines

This new feature is great for synthetic and fiber arenas. Set tines forward help to lift and mix. Tines set in mid position maintain the mixture of your sand and fiber. Rotating the tines all the way back will smooth and finish the top surface.

Rotating S-Tines Upgrade $595

The Arena Edger™ 

Cleans up the rail rut and breaks down side mounds and flattens your arena to the very outside edge.

Arena Edger™ Upgrade $175

Adaptable Hitch System

Use the 3-point hitch or add the Tongue & Rachet Jack to tow with an ATV or other lightweight utility vehicle.

Tongue & Rachet Jack Upgrade $335

7' Premier Standard Groomer6' Premier Standard Groomer5' Premier Standard Groomer
Groomer Size7' wide x 52" long6' wide x 52" long5' wide x 52" long
Groomer Weight400 lbs350 lbs300 lbs
Minimum Vehicle Power25-35 HP or 650cc20-30 HP or 500cc18-24 HP or 500cc
Vehicle Wheel Width74"62"50"
Your groomer should be at least as wide as the tire width of your tractor to ensure tire treads are covered.
For larger facilities check out the Premier Pro Groomer or the
Mini Pro Groomer

We are very pleased with our groomer! The sand texture, depth, and level of firmness we can achieve is consistent across the arena and the drag is easy to use. Furthermore, the more we use it, the more level our arena is becoming. As I might have mentioned, the previous groomer had created a rolling surface very rapidly after we had had the arena professionally leveled. I am so glad that we made the switch to the Premier Equestrian groomer – it was absolutely worth it!


Arena Grooming & Maintenance

Grooming and maintenance are key factors in achieving quality arena footing. Grooming enables you to maintain a consistent riding surface for your equine athlete, avoid footing irregularities, and condition your sand and footing additives. Regularly mixing and leveling footing prevents problems. A professional-type groomer can overturn and redistribute the varying sand particle sizes and keep additives mixed thoroughly. Footing which has migrated out to the edges of the arena will need to be pulled back in.


Official Footing Supplier of US Equestrian

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