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Dressage Arenas

Premier Equestrian, The Arena Company, has set the standard for dressage arenas, driving arenas, flower boxes, dressage letters, letter markers, and cavaletti. Our horse-tough dressage arena equipment is made in the USA using high-tech materials for extra long life and safety.

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Our dressage arenas, driving rings, and flower boxes were used at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 2010 and 2018.


Premier Equestrian is the official dressage arena of the USDF

Strong, flexible and resilient • Impact & shatter resistant

Dressage Arenas

Designed with dressage in mind, we use the highest quality vinyl on the market with impact modifiers and extra UV protectors, making our products last longer and look better than any other offering.

There are varying grades of PVC (vinyl) quality used in dressage arenas and rings. Our PVC is stronger, more flexible and has higher impact ratings, making our arenas less likely to shatter.

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Dressage Letters

Our lines of molded dressage arena letters are made with UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene and will not shatter, crack, fade, or break. We add impact modifiers to make them suitable for dressage arena use.

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Cavaletti are great tools for dressage, jumping, and lunging. Molded in one piece using UV-stabilized polyethylene so they’re durable and safe for horses. Cavaletti come in a variety of styles and colors with a variety of height options.

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Dressage Accessories

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Our High-quality Dressage Products Are Affordable And Built To Last.

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Everything you need for your dressage horse arena

Dressage Arena Packages

Dressage arena packages come with a 20×40 or 20×60 meter arena, flower boxes or letters, your choice of flowers, and arena letter markers. Special discounts are applied to all arena packages.

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