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Athletex Arena Footing

Athletex Footing

Athletex is a blend of textile and rubber made from recycled athletic shoes. Athletex will help with hard, compacted, and dead surfaces by introducing voids to increase cushion, cupping and rebound. Rubber arena footing enhances cushioning, while textiles increase stability and help retain moisture.

Athletex Details

  • Mixture of recycled rubber and textile
  • Excellent resistance to compacting
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Enhanced energy rebound
  • Increased stability
  • Improves & balances moisture retention
  • Suitable for most types of sand
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Low maintenance

Watch how Athletex footing is installed

Hi-Performance Footing Additives icon

Performance Footing Additives

  • Increased performance and biomechanics in a wide range of circumstances
  • Ideal for new or existing arenas
  • Moderate to high traffic
  • Can be installed on a variety of different base surfaces
  • Blend with an assortment of sands
  • Requires some moisture and maintenance
  • A wide range of grooming equipment can be utilized

Athletex Surface Characteristics

ArenaAid Surface Characteristics

Athletex Pricing

50¢ per square foot in 3″ of sand

Freight included

Total price varies depending on individual needs.
Prices are subject to change
To order call our footing experts at 800-611-6109

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This calculator provides a price estimate which includes freight costs. This is an average estimated price, based on 3″ of sand.

This is an estimate only. Call us at 800-611-6109 for actual cost.

It’s All About the Sand

Call 801-446-1857 For Questions About Sand

Athletex has the advantage of working well with a wide range of sand sizes. It can stabilize coarse sand or perform great in fine sand. Little maintenance is required and most types of grooming equipment will work. The qualities offered by Athletex make this an excellent multi-purpose type footing additive suited for dressage, jumping, western pleasure, vaulting, and other types of disciplines.

Sand Specifications for Athletex
A medium to coarse sand with angular to sub-angular particles.
Required Sand Particle Size: Coarse  – Fine, 4.75 to 0.105 mm (#4 – #140)

USA Sieve ASTM Standards
Print this PDF and take to your sand quarry

Free Sand Analysis Report

Sand is the most important ingredient is your arena. Sand characteristics determine how footing additives will perform. We offer free sand testing to assure the footing you purchase from us will be effective and perform to your expectations. Our goal is to help you make an informed and educated decision about your arena footing purchase. We are here to guide you through the entire process. Our in-house soil engineer helps to determine the quality and compatibility of our customers’ sand. We offer one free sand report, additional sand analysis reports are $45 each.

Sieve tests for sand particle sizes

“I was thrilled to work with Premier Equestrian on our new jumping arena. The Athletex provided stability cushioning and required minimal maintenance.”

Kim Severson

Four Star International Competitor and Olympic Silver Medalist

How Arena Surfaces Affect Horse Biomechanics

Every stride is influenced by how the hoof interacts with the ground and the various qualities of the arena layers. An ideal horse arena footing surface allows horses to move efficiently, minimizes concussion, absorbs shock, provides support, and returns energy back to the horse. Watch this video to understand how different surfaces affect the biomechanics of the horse. Save

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Arena Consultation
Everyone has footing questions. We can help. It is relatively simple to improve your arena surface. We make it easy, as easy as it can be, with products and knowledge for various arena conditions and various sand. Call 800-611-6109 for a free consultation.
Footing Resources
    • Ask questions
    • Premier’s Footing and Arena Surfaces Guide PDF
    • Read our “Good Footing for All” article PDF
Footing Disclaimer

*Please Note: Premier Equestrian can guide you to find a footing solution suitable for you and your budget. However, unless you are contracting our consulting services, choosing the correct sand and mixing the product is your responsibility. Results can and will vary depending on what material is available in your area. If you choose to perform your own installation, which many people do, Premier Equestrian can not be and is not responsible or liable for your installation.

Sand Note: All our footings are designed to be mixed with sand. There are, however, significant variations in sand in each area. Not all sands are appropriate to use as footing for your equestrian arena. There are many factors you should consider in determining the appropriate sand, including, without limitation, your riding style, the number of horses using the ring and the duration of such ring use, watering capability for the ring, the status of any current existing footing materials, seasonal weather conditions, and whether you ride on an indoor or outdoor horse arena. Combining Master’s Blend Footing with the correct type and depth of sand is required in order to build a safe arena surface. Please choose properly sized arena sand based on your proposed use. Feel free to call and discuss your arena questions with one of our representatives today!

Read our Footing Disclaimer

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