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The reasons to love horses are endless, but one thing sticks in my mind the most. We ask so much of them, and they get nothing in return except our love. They have no reason to do anything for us except that they want to. They love their jobs and love their humans. We need to remember that they do this for us, nothing else.

Lainey Smith

I’m a autistic horse lover and owner. I fell in love with horses at one year of age. I’ve been riding sense I was 2. I started taking riding lessons at age eight. I was riding Prix St George level dressage at age 16. I never showed because I was very shy. I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts and actions, severe depression, OCD, and ADHD sense I was very young and actually still do. Horses have been my healing. I still do dressage riding, I’m in Pony Club now and am at a C level. I love to trail ride also. I own a mini appy stallion and an Andalusian mare. The barn I’m at is a therapeutic riding center, I a client and volunteer there teaching lessons to Autistic and disabled young riders. When I’m not with horses my life is chaos. But with horse I’m almost a normal functioning person. Horses are my life and I’m alive because of them!


My mare, Lily not only gave me unconditional love and endless patience for the beginner equestrian, she literally changed my life. She showed me the path to combining my passion for horses with my career path. We aged gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully) together. She will always be my soul mate and "Forever" horse!

Kathy D

Working with horses encourages me to keep learning and growing. They also remind me enjoy the simplest things in life.


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