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TheraPlate Circulation Therapy

TheraPlate Circulation Therapy


Theraplate Circulation Therapy

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Product Description

TheraPlate Revolution, based in Weatherford, Texas, has manufactured an innovative rehabilitation and therapy system using the concept of “dynamic movement.” Increased circulation, increased bone strength and density, increased muscle mass, reduced swelling and inflammation, rapid healing, and pain relief are just a few of the many benefits that TheraPlate Revolution can provide. This amazing invention is easy to use and is effective on horses, humans, and other animals. Users simply stand on the TheraPlate to treat and prevent injuries. TheraPlate, the Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), helps horses reach their full athletic potential.

Who Uses It?

Used by Vets, Equine Therapy Centers, Racing Trainers, Dressage, Reiners, Ropers, Cutters, Mounted Shooters, Equine Therapy Practitioners, Hunter/Jumpers, Polo, Show Horses, Barrel Racing, Ropers, 3 Day Eventer’s, Trail Horses, Distance, Driving Horses, and Miniature Horses.

What is it?

  • Active proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Injury Prevention – the key is REGULAR CONSISTENT use……
  • Counters Chronic Inflammation Conditions
  • Speeds Healing – On Average Heals in Half the Time
  • You Can Feel the THEraPlate Working in the Horses Whole Body, including all the way up their Back, Neck and Rump
  • Reduces The Major Cause of Most Pain – Natural & Drug Free
  • Powerful Yet Gentle, Will Not Injure or Aggravate Existing Injuries
  • Horses Enjoy the Treatment – Start With Low Speed and Gradually Increase


Every Day, 1-3 Times Per Day, 10-15 Minutes Per Treatment – Quick & Easy

2 Piece Mobile Models are Easy to Take on the road to Shows or Track


  • Extremely Effective and Pays for Itself In a Very Short Time
  • Ask us how a machine can become a Profit Center
  • Decreased Vet Bills
  • Decreased Down Time
  • Increased Bone Density & Muscle Mass
  • Increased Joint Mobility & Flexibility – In Many Cases Horses No Longer Need Joint Supplements
  • Reduced need for joint injections
  • Faster Healing Through Increased Production of ATP (30 days becomes 15-20 Days)
  • Horses On Stall Rest Can Maintain Muscle and Bone Density Without Risk of Further Injury
  • Horse that are Stalled for Other Reasons Can Get Same Benefits
  • Pre Performance – Warm Up
  • Post Performance -Warm Down
  • Founder
  • Hoof Issues
  • Laminitis
  • OCD
  • Suspensory Issues
  • Under Run Heels
  • Thin Soles
  • Bucked Shins
  • This is not a complete list, give us a call or email if you want to discuss your specific horse issue


Length: 7 Feet

Width: 3 Feet

Height: 6″

Weight: 160 Pounds (each section is 80 pounds

Capacity: 3,000 Pounds+


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