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The Horse Angels – By Mark Neihart (eBook) Download

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The Horse Angels – By Mark Neihart
In the wilds of Nevada a herd of mustangs hold the last memories that form the epic relationship between horse and man. Now the herd is being threatened by sinister elements of the cattle industry. One man, Nolan Powell, knows of this ancient secret and is prepared to risk everything to save the precious memories living in the herd. Enter Anne Harper, an ex-Olympic equestrian contender, hard-shelled skeptic, and investigative reporter sent to look into the matter. Sparks fly and romance ensues as the story unfolds, bringing together pieces of ancient history, modern dilemma, and the human capacity of love for the horse.

About the Author…

Mark Neihart CEO of Premier Equestrian brings us this amazing story about the importance horses have played in our lives. Co-created with his wife and Premier Equestrian President Heidi Zorn-Neihart.

Beautifully written, Mark truely captures the essence of why horses live in our hearts and minds. It is his belief that mankind owes a huge debt of gratitude to the horse. Though this book will interest all people whether horse lovers or not, it did come to life from the idea that mankind owes much of our cultural advancement to the horse.

We know the role that horses took in mankinds development and are committed to preserving their well being.

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