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Sore No-More® Cooling Clay Poultice 5lbs.

Sore No-More® Cooling Clay Poultice 5lbs.


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Product Description

Award winning
horse liniment in a cooling clay poultice that is silky smooth,
non-irritating, and creates a unique heat drawing pack.

  • Sore
    No-More® Liniment has many therapeutic uses: use it as a leg brace and
    to rub onto ankles, knees and hocks before and after a workout, use
    directly on the body as a massage liniment, rub onto back before tacking
    up, for sore or tight muscles rub on and cover with a hot steaming
    towel for 10 minutes, after a workout use as a bath brace, and during
    dry weather paint onto soles of feet after training on hard ground.
  • Sore
    No-More® Liniment benefits include: a cooling liniment that will not
    blister or burn, safe to use under bandages, magnets or ceramic therapy,
    safe to use prior to exercising to loosen muscles and tendons, great
    when bringing an animal back from an injury, a leg and body brace before
    and after exercise to stimulate blood flow, as an indicator (sore
    muscles will lather when you rub it in), and excellent for use on
    chemically sensitive horses.

Voted two-time “Product of the Year” by the Horse Journal, as the best herbal horse liniment for reducing pain and inflammation.

Our liniment is an exceptional arnica and witch hazel based, herbal
horse liniment that contains no chemicals or harsh abrasives.


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