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PolyPro Center Strip Standard

Premier PolyPro horse jump standards. Stable, lightweight, and maintenance free. Center strip jump standard with yellow panel 5' 9-414 6' 9-434
PolyPro Jump Assembly PPA7PolyPro jump standard footAluminum pinless jump strip 896JT and 898JTPremier PolyPro solid pinholes with height marks. 9-055Poly Pinless jump stripRegular pinholes

PolyPro Center Strip Standard


Pair of 5' or 6' Standards

Ships free in contiguous U.S.


Premier PolyPro™ jump standards utilize flex-polymers to reduce shattering if impacted, and UV inhibitors to prevent sun  damage, making this a perfect jump for any climate. Standards come fully assembled, just attach the feet. 6′ standards are 30″ wide, 5′ standards are 27″ wide.

  • Comes in pairs
  • Two-sided color
  • Choose from solid pinholes, Poly Pinless Strip, Solid Pinhole upgrage or Aluminum Pinless upgrade
  • Base feet are substantial and crush resistant
  • Sand can be added to base feet for additional wind stability
  • 5 year warranty on PolyPro Standards
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US

Available in white with panel color.


Choose your jump cup system:

wing standard regular pinholes Regular Pinholes

wing standard Poly Pinless Strips Poly Pinless Strips

wing standard Solid Pinholes Solid Pinholes with Height Marks Upgrade

wing standard Aluminum pinless strip Aluminum Pinless Strips Upgrade


PolyPro Jump Foot

The PolyPro foot is molded polyethelene, the material that mounting blocks are made with. Tough, attractive and durable, this foot will fit any standard 4″x4″ jump post. Easily fills with sand for added stability.


Additional Information

Standard Height

5′ Standards, 6′ Standards

Standard Panel Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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