Pasture Tender


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Clean Your Pasture!

Pick up horse manure with ease, or pull the trays and let the grates underneath break up the manure into small pieces, fertilizing your field! Boxed ready to ship. Minimal assembly required.


  • Cleans up your pasture
  • Picks up manure
  • Destroys ant hills
  • Makes the pasture more comfortable for your horses
  • Fertilizes your field when you use it to break up manure = more grass growing for your horses


Product Height: 10-1/2 in
Product Length: 50”
Product Width: 55”
Product Weight: 135 lbs.
Product Type: Farm Implement
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Animal Type: Horse
Brand: Pasture Tender
Finish: Powder Coated



Does it pull up grass?

No, it's a sled designed to slide over the grass but low enough to capture manure.

Can you empty it by hand

Yes, that is what the trays are for. They keep the manure from falling to the ground. The capture area can be unloaded by hand with a shovel.

Can it be towed on uneven ground?

It depends on the topography. The Pasture Tender is a sled that is towed behind a UTV. Over uneven ground it will be less effective than over flat ground.

Can I use an ATV?

Yes, the Pasture Tender weighs only 130 lbs. and can be towed with many different vehicles.


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