M-216 Wireless Transmitter



The M-216 transmitter incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible. The transmitter’s microcontroller automatically sets the modulation for companding or non-companding audio processing when the corresponding channels are selected. The channel selection also sets either narrow-band operation on channels 1-40 (5 kHz deviation) or high-fidelity, wide-band operation on channels 41-60 (10 kHz deviation). The optional microphone mute switch turns off the microphone without turning off the aux input. It is ideal for many personal communication applications such as assistive listening, personal cueing, wireless tour guide, and remote program monitoring.

• High Fidelity Performance
• Adaptive Channel Selection
• Dual Function Versatility


Additional Information

Weight 160 lbs


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