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Premier Equestrian Puts a Halt to Dusty Arenas With Innovative New Footing Product, “WHOA Dust™”

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Premier Equestrian has added WHOA Dust™ to its lineup of innovative footing and arena products (Photo courtesy JRPR- no photo credit necessary)

Salt Lake City, UT (November 6, 2017) — Premier Equestrian is at it again – adding to its comprehensive lineup of innovative arena products designed to make equestrians’ and horses’ lives easier, simpler, and more hassle-free. This time, the company has tackled an age-old arena problem- and offered up a brilliant solution that is at once simple, technologically advanced, and surprisingly cost effective. The company has recently become the United States distributor of WHOA Dust™, a scientifically formulated footing product that decreases dust, retains moisture, and creates a firmer and more rideable surface for any riding discipline.

Some dust can actually be an important part of footing because it binds together the sand particles, helping to create a less loose surface. However, too much dust is not only a nuisance, but creates a slippery surface when wet and a very hard dusty surface when dry which negatively affects the horse’s biomechanics, and can be hazardous for you and your horse’s health.

“If you can water your arena enough, minimal dust usually isn’t an issue,” explained Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian. “But it becomes a problem if you can’t water enough or if the water dries up too quickly and creates excessive dust. Inhaling small particles is never good for your horses, and it’s also not good for you.”

WHOA Dust provides a simple solution to this problem by keeping the ideal amount of dust in the footing while keeping excess dust out of the air- and, best of all, it’s completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The product is made of a polymer similar to the material that contact lenses are made of, and works in an arena in a similar way. Just like a contact lens can absorb a huge amount of moisture in the eye, the polymer in WHOA Dust absorbs a huge amount of water in an arena, retains it, and then re-releases it into the surface over time. This allows for a drastic decrease in the need for watering.

“You just have to put a little light sprinkle on it periodically, depending on the climate, and it will retain that moisture for a longer period of time,” said Zorn.

Over time, the sand particles in footing break down from horses’ hoofs, tractors, and just plain old degradation. Each time the footing particles break, little pieces eventually become tiny dust particles small enough to become airborne.

“That’s why old surfaces that have been in a place for 20, 30, or 40 years are so dusty – the horses’ hooves have pulverized the footing into dust. WHOA Dust rejuvenates old footing by binding those dust particles back together and keeping them from floating up into the air. Binding the footing material together with the polymer also keeps the footing from being slippery or wiggly.”

So how does WHOA Dust work? As Zorn explains, the product actually puts a coating on the fine dust particles and gathers them together. “You can see the actual thread when you look at it under a microscope. The polymer actually sews the little particles together with that thread.”

Applying WHOA Dust to an arena so it can work its magic is surprisingly easy to do. The product comes in granular form, and is applied in the same way that one would apply a lawn fertilizer, with a fertilizer spreader. “It doesn’t take much- for an average sized dressage arena, about 10 pounds is all you will need,” said Zorn. “We recommend that you refresh it with two to three more pounds every six months.”

Perfect for all riding disciplines, WHOA Dust is an effective way to clear dust while adding moisture and stability to an arena. To learn more about WHOA Dust and revamp a riding arena with this advanced new product, visit

Premier Equestrian also offers many other innovative footing solutions, attractive dressage arenas, revolutionary arena groomers, and a wide variety of barn and rider accessories. For more information about Premier Equestrian and its products, please call 1-800-611-6109 or visit


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