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How To Use

We want you to get the most out of your new skin care kit, so Linda created a series of videos you can watch. They will help you learn what to use and why she chose ingredients. Click to see the whole library on YouTube!

Watch Linda’s Morning Routine

Watch Linda’s Night Routine

D A I L Y C L E A N S E   Use twice daily. Pump 3-4 doses onto damp fingers. Rub your fingers together then gently massage all over face and neck, including eyelids and lashes to cleanse your skin and remove makeup – including mascara. Wipe clean with your damp, warm mousseline sponge. Pat dry.

D A I L Y N O U R I S H  Use twice daily. Dispense 2-4 pumps onto your fingers and gently massage all over face and neck, around your mouth, over lips, and under your eyes. You can use it over eyelids too when not using eye shadow.

D A I L Y  P L U M P Dispense a few drops onto your finger tips and quickly smooth over entire face, around eyes, mouth, and neck. Best used every morning after cleansing to maximize cellular moisture retention.

N I G H T  B O O S T  Break open capsule by twisting or snipping the narrow neck. Spread evenly over face and neck, avoiding lips and eyelids. Best applied before you NOURISH. Use nightly for five days in a row, then twice a week for as long as you wish.

S U N D A Y  S M O O T H  Use 1 – 2 times/week if desired! Apply to wet skin and gently massage dead cells away for 30-60 seconds. Rinse clean with tepid water. Pat dry. Follow with CLEANSE to remove residue, and then PLUMP and NOURISH.

Bee Sunny Mineral Powder Sunbock

Use any brush or buy a handy refillable mineral makeup brush.  Having soft black bristles makes it easier to see the powder and get it applied more evenly. To ensure that you have good coverage, apply Bee Sunny in a grid pattern. Use plenty. If you see bright white, you have a too much. It should be clear, but you don’t want to be frugal with your sunblock.  Watch how to apply