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How ProTex Stacks Up

By September 28th, 2021No Comments

Premier ProTex goes through multiple manufacturing processes. First, fibers and textiles are cut to a specific size. Then the material goes through a blending box to ensure a consistent blend of textiles and fibers every time.

ProTex is a 70/30 mix of textiles and fibers

Protex Arena Footing

Premier ProTex

  • Chopped to a specific size and blended before packaging.
  • Same formula every time.
  • Use nylon strapping to avoid rust.
  • Wrapped in protective plastic to avoid mold.
  • Stored inside a climatized, weather-insulated building.
GGT Arena Footing

Competing product

  • Materials are not blended, resulting in a zebra pattern seen in the bales. These sections create inconsistencies in the surface during installation.
  • Steel banding rusts and leaves metal fragments in the textile.
  • Bales are compressed with water, which molds and sticks together creating clumps in the surface.
  • Filler material that could be post-consumer waste.
  • Stored outside resulting in mold and rust.
Protex Arena Footing Horse Arena Footing

Premier ProTex unbaled and mixed with sand.

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