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Whoa Dust™ – Effective Arena Dust Control

WHOA Dust - What is your horse breathing

A green, environmentally friendly alternative to other dust control products

WHOA Dust has three main purposes:

  1. Stop dust from rising
  2. Moisture will be retained, reducing need to water by a minimum of 50%
  3. Will provide a firmer and more desirable footing

What is your horse breathing?
WHOA Dust™ is proven to control dust and reduce watering in your arena, improving the texture and performance of your footing.

Effective: Treatments can last up to 16 months
Economical: Most treatments can cost less then $600
Environmental: 100% safe and Biodegradable

WHOA Dustcan be used in:

  • Riding arenas
  • Race tracks
  • Round pens
  • Corrals and paddocks

Benefits of WHOA Dust™:

  • Simple and easy to apply
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally and Animal safe
  • Can be used if Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride has been used in the past
  • More cost effective than any other dust control product on the market
  • Can last up to 16 months between treatments

WHOA Dustcan be used with almost all footings including:

  • Crumb rubber
  • Cotton-added
  • Geotextile*
  • Silica sand
  • Screened or washed sand
  • Clay/sand mixture
  • Organic footing

*We’ve noticed a 50% reduction in water when used with geotextile footing.


WHOA DUST™ simply charges the neutrally charged dust particles floating in your arena to a negative state  (flocculation). Once charged the dust will be pulled down and no longer be suspended in the air. Moisture will be retained to an optimal state and will reduce your need to water your arena by minimum of 50% (Customer average 75%). In addition, by charging the dust the surface suspension of your footing will be increased; footing will provide a more supportive and desirable texture and feel for you and your horse. Often arenas only need between 12-24Lbs of WHOA Dust™ and application can be done in under 2 hours.

Suitability Tests

Time lapse over 15 Seconds of a footing in Water+Footing vs. Water+Whoa Dust+Footing 

  1. One teaspoon of soil/footing is placed in each vessel
  2. One vessel has water & footing only (on the left),
  3. One vessel has water+ 4 grains of Whoa Dust (on the right).
  4. If the water clears rapidly and thoroughly in the vessel with Whoa Dust, then it is a pass.

  MSDS Report pdf

Polymer network (Positively charged)  +  Dust particles (Negatively charged)

Flocculation: Dust particles become connected through a polymer network, making particles heavier so they don’t become airborne.

WHOA Dust™ Pricing

$220 per 4.4 lb. bag

Covers 2,800 s.f. in 3″ of sand

Free Shipping
To order call our footing experts at 801-446-1857

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WHOA Dust additive for dusty horse arena footing

Application Process

Prep footing
1. Moisten footing if dry, slight moisture is all that is needed
     ∞ If the footing is very dry the product will fall through the footing to the base and will be lost.
      ∞ However, if the footing is too wet then it will not be able mix.
2. Groom the top surface of the footing, ideally use: chain link fence drag, diamond arrow upside down, or a steel panel.

1. Spread 50% of the dosage needed to treat your arena using a hand broadcast seeder. At very low setting.
2. Groom the top surface of the footing, ideally use: chain link fence drag, diamond arrow upside down, or a steel panel.
3. Spread remaining 50% of the dosage needed to treat your arena using a hand broadcast seeder. At very low setting.
4. Water to the point before puddling, soak but do not puddle.
5. Let product work its way into the footing for the 12+ hrs then lightly groom arena while wet.(if there is a slight crust on the footing, sprinkle the footing)

*NOTE:Do not harrow or groom your arena deeper then 2″ for the first week for maximum dust control.


Will Whoa Dust improve the footing in my horse arena?
Yes, due to the simple fact that we use the technology of flocculation for our arena additive.

  1. How long does it take to apply WHOA DUST?
  • Often arenas only need between 12-24Lbs of WHOA DUST™ and application can be done in under 2 hours.
  1. The footing in my arena is old and worn out, will WHOA DUST work in my arena? Why?
  • Yes! WHOA DUST™ will put life back to your footing; giving spring back while ensuring accurate and even moisture retention.
  • Because WHOA DUST™ works on the principle  of flocculation; the footing that has been pulverized will be charged back together; stabilizing your footing, giving it back shape, body, and rejuvenating it.
  1. My footing is new, loose, and hard to ride on because it moves too easily, can WHOA DUST help? And why?
  • Yes! WHOA DUST™ will charge the dust in the arena to a negative pole, thus linking it to the sand. The sand and dust will continuously link together causing the footing to stabilize very quickly and reduce displacement.
  • Because WHOA DUST™ works on the principle  of flocculation; the footing that has been pulverized will be charged back together; stabilizing the footing, giving it back shape, body, and rejuvenating it.
  1. Will WHOA DUST™ fix problems with uneven moisture, ie: wet and dry spots in my arena, even after I groom? And Why?
  • Yes, WHOA DUST™ has been proven in arenas around the world, in different climates, to accurately and evenly disperse moisture throughout the footing.
  • WHOA DUST™ is activated by water so it will pull moisture in every direction in your footing causing even and accurate moisture dispersion.
  1. How often will I water my arena?
  • It is impossible to say how often specifically, however; clients have noted a minimum of  50%  reduction in volume and frequency of watering, and the customer average is 75%! Arenas with high humidity or condensation have noted almost a complete stop of watering.
  1. Does WHOA DUST work with all disciplines’ footings? And how can it help in each discipline?
  • Yes, we have clients in almost every discipline, including: Dressage, Reining, Jumping, Barrel Racing, Dog Agility, Vaulting, Ground working, hobby arenas, and many more.
  • Dressage: WHOA DUST™ evens out moisture and increases spring in footing reducing packing and providing an even riding surface.
  • Reining: WHOA DUST™ evens moisture in the footing and stabilizes the consistency, you have the ability to speed up or slow down the footing with minor amounts of water very easily.
  • Jumping: WHOA DUST™ is a non- aggressive binder, by adding minor amounts of water you can tighten up your footing for better take-offs and landings.  A more consistent surface means the horse is thinking about the rider and not its next step. 
  • Barrel Racing: WHOA DUST™  will even out the moisture and texture consistency of the footing; making it more fair for all racers and easier for ground staff. In addition, a firmer footing allows for faster and safer times. Turn and Burn!
  • Cutting: WHOA DUST™ stabilizes the footing, giving a firm footing that is not too loose or too tight; WHOA DUST™’s accurate moisture dispersion will give even texture allowing your horse to focus on the cattle and not the ground.
  • Dog Agility: WHOA DUST™ is 100% safe for dogs: they can run, dig, jump and roll all they want!
  • Vaulting: WHOA DUST™ will provide an even and consistent riding surface so the rider can focus on the horse and not the ground, a more consistent surface means the horse is thinking about the rider and not its next step.
  • Ground Working: WHOA DUST™ will firm the footing up beneath reducing the need to trudge through deep footing.  Once applied you can control tightness of the ground with minor amounts of water and grooming.    
  • Hobby arena: WHOA DUST™ will make it easier to groom, water and maintain your arena like a pro! Because of the fundamentals of the safe and biodegradable product, it will even out moisture and cause footing to move evenly when grooming while retaining optimal moisture.
  1. My arena is out side, when it rains I will loose sand and when it is windy my sand blows away. Can WHOA DUST™ help?
  • Yes  & Yes, because WHOA DUST™ charges the dust to a negative pole, thus causing the sand to link together. The footing  will stay in your arena where it belongs.
  • Due to the charge between the sand and the dust, the light-weight sand that would usually fly away is now heavier and cannot blow away as easy.

Thank you for your excellent product WHOA DUST™, and for helping me diagnose and then solve my footing issue. The footing in my new arena (sand and rubber mix) did not bind at all making it slippery and unstable. Even though I had only put in 2 1/2″, the footing was acting as though I had put in 4″. I was looking at the possibility of taking it out and starting again using a different sand, which I could not afford! After looking at a sample of my footing, you were able to give me specific instructions with the amount and application of WHOA DUST™. Now my footing is excellent and a pleasure to ride on. I was even complimented on my footing at a recent dressage clinic I held here! Thank you for your help and for keeping your product so affordable.


Halifax, VT

Free Sand Analysis Report

Sand is the most important ingredient is your arena. Sand characteristics determine how footing additives will perform. We offer free sand testing to assure the footing you purchase from us will be effective and perform to your expectations. Our goal is to help you make an informed and educated decision about your arena footing purchase. We are here to guide you through the entire process. Our in-house soil engineer helps to determine the quality and compatibility of our customers’ sand. We offer one free sand report, additional sand analysis reports are $45 each.

Sieve tests for sand particle sizes

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