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Premier ProTex Footing

Adrienne Lyle riding Wizard on ProTex Footing at Rivergrove Farm

Premier ProTex is a premium-grade riding arena footing additive that is mixed with sand to mimic a sod arena surface by providing a rooting system. Premier ProTex is made from carefully chosen recycled, non-woven textile fabrics and fibers. Premier ProTex is specifically formulated for optimal biomechanics using a consistent blend of materials to ensure a new and clean final product every time.

This high performance footing provides excellent firmness and support, cupping, rebound, grip, and traction.

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ProTex Footing Features

ProTex is made of 70% Textile and 30% Fiber

Safe for you and your horse

Durability for long life

Mimics a sod surface

Ideal for horse shows and high-traffic arenas

Good for high-level dressage, jumping, and vaulting

Retains moisture and reduces dust

Superior stability

Adds cushion, rebound, and grip

“I can’t believe how much life Premier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. The ProTex stabilized our surface, minimized the dust, it now retains more moisture thus reducing the need to water, and kept the surface from compacting. What a huge improvement. The cost was a fraction of a complete redo.” You guys are simply the best!! Thank you from all of us at River Grove!”

Adrienne Lyle

Olympic Dressage Rider

ProTex Pricing

Starting at 59¢ per square foot

This is an average delivered price which includes freight and delivery. Price is subject to change based on location, sq. footage, sand depth, and sand type. Call us at 800-611-6109 for actual cost.

We make it easy to improve your arena surface, with products and knowledge for various arena conditions and various sand.

Call us at 800-611-6109

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Requirements for ProTex footing

Premier ProTex, when mixed with the proper sand, will provide professional-level surface characteristics. Premier ProTex requires a specific sand gradation, the ability to water, and the correct grooming equipment. Call your Premier Equestrian footing expert today to get the details on these requirements and to answer any other questions you may have about Premier ProTex.

• A professionally constructed base and drainage system will optimize these products
• Requires a specific blend of sand
• Requires moisture
• Requires specific grooming equipment

Sand Specifications for ProTex

A fine silica with sub-angular particles is best. Particle size will be the most important factor in sand requirement.

Required Sand Particle Size: Medium Fine – Fine, 0.30 to 0.075 mm (#50 – #200)

Sand Data Sheet (ASTM/USA Sieve)

Print this PDF and take to your sand quarry

Free Sand Analysis Report

Sand characteristics determine how footing products will perform. Our goal is to help you make an informed and educated decision about your arena footing purchase. Our in-house soil engineer helps to determine the quality and compatibility of your sand with Premier footing products. We offer one free sand report, additional sand analysis reports are $45 each.

Sieve tests for sand particle sizes

We have a variety of sample products you can try out to help you make a decision about your footing.

*Please Note: Premier Equestrian can guide you to find a footing solution suitable for you and your budget. However, unless you are contracting our consulting services, choosing the correct sand and mixing the product is your responsibility. Results can and will vary depending on what material is available in your area. If you choose to perform your own installation, which many people do, Premier Equestrian can not be and is not responsible or liable for your installation.

Sand Note: All our footings are designed to be mixed with sand. There are, however, significant variations in sand in each area. Not all sands are appropriate to use as footing for your equestrian arena. There are many factors you should consider in determining the appropriate sand, including, without limitation, your riding style, the number of horses using the ring and the duration of such ring use, watering capability for the ring, the status of any current existing footing materials, seasonal weather conditions, and whether you ride on an indoor or outdoor horse arena. Combining Premier Footing with the correct type and depth of sand is required in order to build a safe arena surface. Please choose properly sized arena sand based on your proposed use. Feel free to call and discuss your arena questions with one of our representatives today!

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