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Green Gallop All Natural Footing Product

Introducing our eco-friendly, all-natural arena footing solution. The premium-grade hemp fibers mix with sand to offer performance while prioritizing the well-being of your horses and the environment.

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Features & Benefits

All Natural Fiber Footing Product

Green Gallop is engineered from sustainably sourced hemp fibers, providing an all-natural alternative to traditional footing materials. Green Gallop ensures optimal consistency and durability, resulting in a footing that delivers stability, support, and comfort for both horse and rider

Stabilizes 90% of sands

All Natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, good for horses and humans

Retains moisture and reduces dust

Engineered for optimal traction and stability.

Green Gallop Footing Cost

Note: The final color of your footing may vary from what is shown

Green Gallop Arena Footing Calculator

Based on 3″ of sand

Estimated cost only. Subject to change based on exact square footage, sand depth, and sand type.

Contact us for exact footing cost and freight

Comparing Prices?

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Many footing companies will advertise cost per sq ft based on 2.5” of sand. However, most arenas require 3—3.5” of sand. Also make sure you’re comparing bale weight.

Ideal For:

The natural resilience of Green Gallop hemp fibers provides a comfortable and supportive surface for horses, reducing fatigue and promoting optimal performance during training sessions or competitions. Great for dressage, jumping, and western riding, and when the arena is used for turnouts and lunging.

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Requirements for Green Gallop Footing Product

Green Gallop footing is a neutral, non-toxic, non-allergenic material that will not affect humans or animals. Contact us for an SDS report.

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Sand Particle Size

Blends with 90% of sands. Particle size will be the most important factor in sand requirement. Get a free sand analysis.

Contact Us for a free sand data chart for your quarry
Moisture high 85x60


Water is required to keep sand particles mixed with the textiles and fibers.

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Grooming Equipment

A wide range of groomers can be used. We recommend something with tines that will churn the sand and product, as well as something that can create compaction.

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All-Natural and Non-Toxic

Made from 100% organic hemp fibers, Green Gallop is free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring a safe environment for horses and riders. The hemp fibers in Green Gallop also provide natural insect repellent and are hypoallergenic—a great solution for allergy-prone horses.

Environmentally Friendly

Sourced from renewable hemp crops, Green Gallop footing promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of your equine facility. Green Gallop is extremely compostable and biodegradable.

Easy Maintenance

With its self-draining design and minimal dust accumulation, Green Gallop requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your arena and less time on maintenance tasks.


The natural properties of hemp fibers facilitate moisture absorption, keeping the arena surface dry and preventing the buildup of mud or dust, even in high-traffic areas.

Comfortable Riding Surface

The natural resilience of hemp fibers provides a comfortable and supportive surface for horses, reducing fatigue and promoting optimal performance during training sessions or competitions.


Hemp is proven to be five times stronger than coconut coir, which is used in other all-natural footing products. Green Gallop is made from the same long-lasting materials as anchor ropes which are made from hemp fibers, so it is unbelievably durable but soft underfoot. 

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