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Arena Consultation

Premier Equestrian helps our clients rehabilitate their existing arenas. This can save time and money. Frequently it is a matter of choosing the correct additive for the sand that is in your arena. There are many factors that contribute to a quality riding surface. Consider these items when thinking about improving your arena surface:


To determine the condition of your existing arena surface and how we can help improve it, we first need to ask some questions. Complete the short questionnaire, click the submit button, and a footing specialist will contact you. Please contact us with any questions at 801.446.1857

After you have answered these questions, it will be important for us to see a sample of the sand you intend to use for your arena. Please visit our Free Sand Report page so we can determine which footing additive is right for you.

Things to consider:

  • Budget
  • Riding discipline
  • Climate
  • Traffic & usage
  • Availability of water
  • Drainage
  • Type of arena base
  • Quality of sand
  • Existing footing materials
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Horse shows
  • Grooming equipment & maintenance program
Official Footing Supplier of US Equestrian
Official Footing Supplier of US Equestrian

Understanding Your Sand

There is a vast amount of information to know pertaining to sand and aggregates. That’s why geologists and soil engineers are employed for doing large projects like damns, highways and buildings. For that same reason, we also employ a soil engineer to help determine the quality and compatibility of our customers’ sand.  We offer one free sand report to our customers in order for our sales staff to properly guide you through the process of getting qualified sand for your additive.

These factors will determine the best course of action to improving your surface.

New Arena

Building an equestrian arena is a complex process and there are many options to choose from. For a very reasonable cost, Premier Equestrian offers a detailed consultation service which can include: an on-site visit and survey, material specification, arena design, drainage, and implementation. We can also work and communicate with your existing contractor or we can recommend one of the contractors around the country who specialize in arena building. We also offer phone consultations to help you get started in the right direction. Understanding your needs and how to best achieve them is our specialty.

Improve an Existing Arena

Premier Equestrian offers a complimentary sand analysis report and phone consultation to help improve your existing surface. Our free sand report and consultation can help you to narrow down the issues that you may be having with your arena surface. Many of our products can be added to existing sand so call one of our footing specialists to begin the conversation.

All of our footing additives are designed to be mixed with sand. Combining the proper sand with the proper footing additive is a key factor to your arena’s success. Premier Equestrian will test your sand free of charge to ensure the composition of the sand is well suited for the product you ultimately choose. Please contact our sales team for any questions you might have concerning your arena footing surface.

Free Sand Analysis Report

Sand is the most important ingredient is your arena. Sand characteristics determine how footing additives will perform. We offer free sand testing to assure the footing you purchase from us will be effective and perform to your expectations. Our goal is to help you make an informed and educated decision about your arena footing purchase. We are here to guide you through the entire process. Our in-house soil engineer helps to determine the quality and compatibility of our customers’ sand. We offer one free sand report, additional sand analysis reports are $45 each.

Sieve tests for sand particle sizes

Send us a sample of your sand

  1. Download the Arena Sand Evaluation Form (PDF)
  2. Fill out the form in its entirety
  3. Mail the form to us along with 2 cups of your new or existing sand.

We need a good representation of all the particle sizes in your existing arena. Go all the way down to the base when collecting your sand sample. Small sand particles tend to fall to the base while larger particles tend to be on the top.

You want to make an informed and educated decision about your arena footing. Our goal is to help you do this, not to sell you an overpriced arena footing or installation you don’t need. We want to help you understand your arena surface to ease your decision on the products that are right for you. Most horse owners know what they want; they just need information and guidance to get their desired results.

Existing Arena: We need a good representation of the sand in your arena.  Assure you collect the sample from the entire sand layer bottom to top. Collecting a sample from just the surface will give false readings in the test lab. Put 2 cups of the sand sample in a durable plastic bag with your name and phone number. Mail your sand sample  to: Premier Equestrian, 8385 South Allen St. #101, Sandy, UT 84070.

New Arena: Most sand quarries will have sieve reports (i.e. technical specifications) on the sands they sell. Sometimes the reports are out of date and inaccurate. If you intend to use new sand with a footing additive, we suggest sending us a sample. We will analyze the sand to verify its’ compatibility with your chosen footing product. Again, we do this for your protection.

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