Horse Arena Footing Products

For over a decade, we’ve studied how equestrian arena surfaces interact with horse biomechanics. Each Premier footing product is designed to enhance and compliment different qualities of existing and new arena sand to benefit horse performance and prevent injury.

Premier Textile & Fiber Footing Products

Stabilize Sand & Retain Moisture

Premier ProTex

The highest performance footing for dressage and jumping professionals. #1 choice for competition venues.


Stabilizes loose sand particles. Mixes with a large variety of new and existing sands.

All Purpose

Stabilizes all types of sand. Great for a multitude of disciplines, english and western.

Premier Rubber Footing Products

Increase Cushion & Reduce Compaction


Crumb rubber footing puts a spring in your horse’s step. Reduces compaction and adds cushion.


Bring the life back to your horse arena footing. Improves cushioning and energy return.

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Custom Dressage Blends & Custom Jumping Blends

Premier footing products are formulated for your specific discipline and needs. Just as one saddle does not fit all horses, the same rings true for your arena footing. Our expert staff can formulate a custom footing blend to meet the specific needs of your facility, discipline, traffic, climate, type of sand in your area, watering options, and maintenance capabilities.

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Hydration & Dust Control Products

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Slow Dust

Binds dust particles together to keep them from going airborne and retains water.

HydroKeep arena footing


Crystals absorb water, then slowly release it back into the footing to reduce dust.

gallon of Arena Clear dust control


Eliminates dust and reduces the amount of water needed.


Laura Graves loves her Premier footing

Working closely with this top-level dressage rider, we customized a blend of textiles and fibers that fit her specific needs. After finding the right footing for her arena, we were able to engineer the perfect blend that fit her and her horses’ needs.

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What do arena footing products do?

Layer1 roots
Layer2 fibers

Textiles and fibers retain moisture and stabilize sand by binding loose particles. Fibers mimic the effects of a grass rooting system. The horses’ hooves ride on top of the surface rather than in it. These materials require a specific blend of sand, as well as water and specific grooming equipment.

Serrano footing 400

Rubber enhances sands that compact very hard. The rubber creates a void, thus reducing the ability to compact fully, improving cushion and drainage. It’s great for well-graded, angular sands that are prone to compaction. Rubber is ideal when you don’t have access to water as it isn’t required to bind to sand particles.

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