Horse Arena Dust Control

Dealing with a dry, dusty riding arena? We have a variety of safe and effective dust control products that minimize airborne particles and hydrate your footing to keep you and your horses happy and healthy.

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gallon of Arena Clear dust control


ArenaClear is an easy-to-use agricultural product that helps water penetrate into the ground easier, reducing the amount of water needed to control dust.


1 gal covers 10,000 sq ft

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  • Minimizes dust and reduces watering by 50-60%
  • Easy spray-on application
  • Can be ridden on the same day you apply it to your arena
  • Will not wash away; one application should last at least 1 year


  • Indoor and outdoor riding arenas
  • Round-pens
  • Paddocks
  • Stalls and runs
  • Walkways, roads, and other areas that have a dust problem
  • Works great with clay or natural bases to help hold moisture deeper into the surface
white bag of dust control

Premier Hydro-Keep

Hydro-Keep crystals absorb water, then gradually release it throughout the day. The expansion and contraction helps to reduce soil compaction.


55 lb bag covers 6,900 sq ft

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  • Reduces dust and hydrates your arena throughout the day
  • Breaks up compacted surfaces and offers cushioning
  • Reduces watering intervals
  • Lasts up to three years


  • Indoor and outdoor riding arenas
  • Round pens
  • Ideal for clay-type surfaces or surfaces that tend to get hard and compacted
White blank paper bag package of flour

Slow Dust

Slow Dust binds tiny dust particles together, making them heavy and no longer airborne. Watering is required to activate the polymer but will be reduced.


55 lb bag covers 30,000 – 45,000 sq ft

Free Shipping in the contiguous U.S.

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  • Reduces dust and retains moisture in your arena
  • Adds stabilization to the surface
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be used if Magnesium or Calcium Chloride has been used in the past
  • Can last up to 16 months between treatments


  • Indoor and outdoor riding arenas
  • Corrals, Paddocks, Turnouts
  • Round pens
  • Racetracks

Dust control products can be used with sand only footing or with Premier footing products, including rubber products and geotextile.

Non-slippery and odorless

Non-toxic and safe for horses

Environmentally safe

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