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Dressage Accessories

Accessories and tools for your ring

Build, dress-up, and train in your Premier Equestrian dressage arena with arena accessories. The Arena Set Up Tool provides an arena template, Arena Letter Markers snap onto rails, and a variety of silk flowers add color to your riding arena, improve your circles with Walter Zettl’s Circle Point Markers, and find other training tools like cones, cavalettis, and obstacles.

Cavaletti & Training Obstacles

We offer a large selection of cavaletti bases, blocks, and small jump products. UV treated and long lasting. Sold by the pair or we have packages with poles.

Arena Letter Markers

Our Letter Markers place directly onto your rail to easily indicate where the arena letter goes.

Silk Flowers

Ideal for decorating Dressage or Jump Flower Boxes, these silk flower bushes are full bodied and come in packs of eight. Lots of colors and types of flowers to choose from.

Wireless Audio Systems

Overcome the hearing challenges between instructor and student. Set up for interpersonal use, or add speakers for clinics and shows.

Gift Cards

Don’t know what to get? Then give a gift card so your friend or family can choose.

Books & DVDs

Training exercises, how-to’s, and other horse-related information in our library of books and dvds.

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